How do you get monetized more quickly this year? But more importantly, is what worked previously still good, or are there actually better ways right now? Howdy, howdy, everyone. Nate here. The good news is I recently acquired the ability to snap my fingers and instantly monetize your YouTube channel. So I'm going to go ahead and do that right now so you don't have to worry about it. Did it work? I went out and I found some channels that have recently been monetized on Youtube and I asked them what was working for them. Howdy, howdy. So my channel is called Alexia K Yoga. Hello everyone, my channel name is Spartan Gaming, so my channel is called naturally Carly.

Hi there everyone, I am Rodolfo from Rotters TV. Now I wanted to know the Alexia. Carly and Rodolfo are part of my program project 24 and Spartan Gaming reached out to me recently for a data post. The first question I wanted to know from them was how many videos have you published thus far on your channel? Now as you can imagine the biggest reason for my asking that was how long did it take you in terms of videos from when you first started publishing to getting monetized on your channel? I have.

77 videos. It took exactly seven months to get monetized from publishing my first video, and so far I've published around 48 videos in total. Five of them are live streams, five or six of them short videos, and the rest is just regular YouTube videos. Between 5 minutes to 10 minutes. To get the 1000 subscribers, it took me around 30 days. And then getting the 4000 hours of watch time. It was around 35 to 40 days, so it was actually a lot faster than I predicted.

To date I have published 142 videos, although it feels like a heck of a lot more. I've published 69 pieces of content, 20 of them being shorts and 49 being my big main videos. Between the launch of the channel in April twenty third and the moment I started getting monetized, it took me a little less than. Six months to reach that specific objective. And it's kind of cool because I intentionally chose a variety of different types of channels for you.

Watching this, you can see a variety of different examples of what's working this year. And then I got to the golden question where I asked each of them, what's your number one piece of advice for getting monetized? And if you were to do it faster again, if you were to start another channel and do it faster this time, what would you recommend? So regarding getting monetized, I think what helped my channel to get monetized in the seven months was that first of all, I was very consistent.

So in the beginning I did 2 videos a week and then I brought it down to one video a week. But I tried to still be very consistent with that. So the second thing is that I followed the house, OK, I had to believe that out because she's sharing trade secrets part of Project 24 I actually don't share that strategy publicly. Ok. But I'm going to let her share it. Ok. I'll unbelief that I followed the hub and spoke approach, which is encouraged by income school. And I think that's what helped bring in a lot of audience in the very early days of my channel and that helped me get monetized. So that would be my advice to someone who's trying to get monetized.

Consider maybe doing these searchable review videos. And yes, if you want the whole picture, the whole strategy behind that, then it's in Project 24 My number one advice to get monetized as fast as possible is create. Searchable content. When you have no viewers, no subscribers, no one will care about things that are related to you. For example, about our game, I didn't make videos like my best soldiers, my best commanders.

No, I made top five infantry marches for free to plays, or low spenders, or the best Archer commanders in the game. So let's say you are making videos about cars. Your video cannot be my best car so far because no one cares about your car, but instead you could do something like. The best car for a teenager because this is a searchable content that is 100 % my number one advice. And if I would start a brand new channel today, the only thing that I will change would be having a thumbnail template because your thumbnail is so important.

It's not just about the Click to rate, but you can actually create a brand awareness with your thumbnail. So if you manage to do it when people sees your thumbnail, they don't even need to look at the channel name, they will understand. Oh OK, that's Spartan gaming because the template or the style of the thumbnail. Will be familiar. So that is what I'm working on right now. My number one piece of advice for getting monetized faster on YouTube would definitely be at Nate's drafting system.

The more I utilize that method of getting more people involved in my tribe, the more I see my numbers grow and the more comments I get and the more people reaching out to me for sponsor sponsorships and collaborations and. I am just a full hearted believer that is definitely been the push that has taken my channel to the next level. If I were to do it again the way I would do it faster is I would not incorporate so many different directions in the beginning of my channel I tried dabbling in.

Postpartum weight loss, nutrition for babies, and breastfeeding. And like so many different things that were going on in my life at the moment, I'm like, I can help people with this and I can help people with that. And this might be interesting, but that's not helpful for you too, because YouTube is trying to pinpoint exactly who your audience is. And in order to do that, they need to know what the heck your videos are about in a singular direction. So if you're confused about who your audience is, you can bet. That Youtube is completely confused who the heck your audience is.

Be consistent and be regular. Don't start thinking that because your first or second or even fifth video didn't take off that things aren't working. You have to be there for the people that already started watching you, and you have to reward them with your content and also be able to accept the fact that we all need help to improve. Now, when I got each of these replies, I decided to boil it down to force succinct directions or.

Takeaways that you can take as you're getting your channel monetized more quickly right now because things like publishing consistently, you're publishing 2 times A week. That's been said over and over and it makes sense because of course if you're not publishing videos, you're not going to get monetized. That's just how it works. Because the more videos you have out there, the more lines you have in the water, the more likelihood that you will have videos take off and start to gain the audience you're looking for.

That kind of just makes sense. But I wanted to talk about this other thing, longer sessions. What I'm seeing work really well right now is intention. Eventually developing your ideas for your videos and your publishing schedule such that you create longer viewing sessions for your audience. Now what I mean by that is, do your videos cause people to stay on Youtube longer? And so anything we can do to implement a strategy to make sure that they watch one video, then another video on your channel will cause your channel to get monetized much more quickly because it's growing more quickly and you're getting those watch hours more quickly.

So I want you to do this to get more watch time. In your next upcoming videos, and I want you to think of them not in terms of a single video. I'm just producing one video and then another video and then another video. I want you to think of them as groups of videos. The next big takeaway point I want you to get from this is early traffic. Now for a while I shield away from teaching people to make very searchable videos because in many cases, if it were targeting search primarily, you just got searched. A single session, a single video watch, they came for the answer and then they left.

But what I am seeing work very well is leveraging. Search to get people in the door for early traffic, but then within those videos that they are searching for, giving them compelling reasons to get this watch other videos on your channel. Even though they started the session on your channel with their watch time in search, they also want to watch other videos on your channel. The next thing mentioned actually didn't write it down. Here is I have an entire drafting system within Project 24 It's one of the first things you do after you first start building out your channel, but again, that's in Project 24 so if you want it you can go check it out and that.

Takes me to the third thing, which is thumbnail branding. Now I thought this was interesting that Spartan Gaming mentioned this because of the many channels that I look at, the ones that have the more themed branding, I'll look at Alexia Yoga for example. You can see a common color scheme and a common font across all of these, as well as a well produced photographs. It's such that the perception from the audience standpoint is of professionalism and they think this is someone that's in it for the long term and they're professional and they're going to be doing this for a while and I.

Enjoy watching their videos. So when I see another video that has their same branding, they're more likely to watch it again. And will that grow your subscriber count? Yes, absolutely it will. The next one that I thought was very interesting that they stated was having a focused purpose early on. Now I need to address this. If you have a clear vision very quickly on your channel and you go that direction and it happens to be good or a good strategy to approach your channel with, of course your channel is going to grow more quickly.

However, that's not always the case. And then, especially if you're at YouTube and this is your first time building a YouTube channel, you're not going to know exactly what to do all of the time. And that's OK. However, whatever you can do to get the help that you need to get the right sequence of steps for the right skill sets to allow you to be better focused, like what I wrote right here, a singular focus for the growth of your channel, it will be beneficial. I would also love it if this is being useful to you thus far.

If you would boop the like button on this video south, it can spread to more people. Thank you. Now, beyond these four primary strategies that these channels are using, I had to ask them another question. You see, I wanted to know where their down times on this journey to getting. And what did you do to get through it? Because this video would be incomplete if we just talked about strategies and we didn't address the mental aspect of actually sticking with the grind.

Now, of course, there's been so many damn times, especially when you see that your channel maybe doesn't grow as fast as you maybe would have wanted it to do, and it's only natural to get a bit demotivated. But The thing is that when we start our Youtube channel as complete beginners, we're not only trying to understand how to share our knowledge, but we're also learning all about. Titles all about thumbnails, all about the production value, all about audio, all about so many things. And so it's a big steep learning curve. But my key advice to anyone would be don't give up.

Just keep moving forward and with each video you're just going to get better and better. And now when I look back at my first videos, I think, oh wow, I've come so far since then. To me there were no down times because thanks to channel makers, I knew what should I pay attention to and what should I not. I cannot control the views. I cannot control how much money that I'm going to get. The only thing that I can control is my content. And since I didn't focus on those numbers, there were no downtime. So I'm still super motivated, just like I am in day one.

Absolutely there were downtimes during this struggle to get monetized on YouTube and what I did to get through them. Was rely on my support group from channel makers, the support system through income, schools, community, as well as a smaller group of individuals. Because otherwise everybody in your life thinks you are crazy when you tell them that you are a YouTuber and you're going to make a living off of making Youtube videos.

Everybody looks at you like you're an alien and you're being silly and that's just not the case. This is by far the best opportunity that's in front of everyone in the society right now. And if you don't take advantage of it, you're doing yourself a huge disservice. Not to mention all of those individuals that could use your help. So take that into account. When you're getting in front of the camera and you start getting stage fright and you just want to stop and you know, you just, you want to give up every time your video doesn't do well, but it just hang in there.

And don't look at the analytics. That's probably my number one piece of advice in the beginning. They're definitely wear down times, mostly at the beginning of the journey when I started going to dealerships, trying to negotiate partnerships for them to lend me the bikes for the reviews. I mean, I wasn't nobody who was gonna trust in me, but I showed them my very first video I did with my own personal bike. They liked it, they trust me. And that's how everything started. And I really do think the reason that made all that possible is. The passion, everything you do on Youtube about metrics, planning, analysis is super important.

But in the end and in my opinion, it all boils down to your passion and your personality. Keep talking about the things you love, the way you love to talk about them and you will definitely connect with your audience. Now there was one other question that I asked them just for fun and in fact the words I used were bonus if you feel like it in parentheses. In what ways has Nate Slash? Channel makers helped you along the way. I added it as a joke, but all four of them responded.

I think my favorite part from channel makers, and OK, this is also me, I was used to be a scientist, was the, let's say, the scientific approach to how he presents the data. So the way that Nate gathers data from, you know, actual Youtubers and then presents it in a way that it can actually be helpful for us. I think that's been what's been the biggest help from channel makers for my channel. So thank you very much for that. My final advice to Beavers is about Nate and channel makers do not just focus on the topic of the video. Let's say Nate made a video about thumbnails.

Besides listening what he has to say about thumbnails, you have to pay attention what he actually does during the video because Nate is applying all his knowledge to his video regardless of the topic. Just observe how he changes camera angles. Just to not bore us, or the simple call to actions, or booping the like button, or how he smoothly directs us to another video at the end screen. All these little details Nate applies to his videos and even if you don't care about the topic, you should still watch and understand how he does certain things.

To be perfectly honest, I would have had no clue how to go about the situation of building a channel and getting monetized as quickly as I did. It took about six months and. It was because of his and Anna's and Jim's and Ricky's advice from income school that really got me to where I'm at. Not to toot your guys's horn, but I'm just being honest. You guys are amazing. Nate and channel makers really pushed me forward in the right direction because he knows what he is talking about. I'm sure you are very good at talking about the things you love. Nate is very good at making your message reach the people you want to.

And now that I'm feeling really good about myself, I'm going to recommend another video that you watch next. Specifically a video I put together outlining what I would do if I was trying to build not only a monetized channel, but a fulltime income channel within 12 months. So I'm going to put that for you to watch here next. Now I do need to add a warning here. This video is an accelerated plan. It is brutal, and actually implementing every single step in that video would be very tough.

However, it is exactly what I would do were I to go about doing it. And a huge thank you to all of the channels that were featured in this video. If you want to go check them out and subscribe or remember, subscribe only if you would naturally subscribe to each other channels, they were awesome. So you watching this? Go watch this video next and we'll see you there.


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