Howdy, howdy, everyone. Nate here. I have Ricky here behind me and I'm going to introduce him here in a moment because this video is about the process they have created to make your entire channel Evergreen. Or what I mean by that is every single video, even your old videos. I created a process to be able to get more views on all of them. Now I want to lead with some proof here. Yes, I did this process on my channel. I'm going to pull up my real channel analytics for the channel you're watching right now. I did this on July twentieth right here. If you can see, if I look at the baseline, whenever there's a peek, I publish a video.

But then the baseline of views, what it drops down to, it's about, you know, eight seven hundred right. Here after this it, jumped up to thirty five and a half and. Even as I'm recording this, even the baseline, I haven't published for a few weeks. The baseline is still higher at just over 12 but enough on that. Let me actually show you the process.

Now, I brought Ricky in here because I work with ricky is one of the smartest people I possibly know. And we created a tool. Ricky, do you want to? Show them the tool absolutely. I love this is a pretty cool tool. It's in Project 24 but it just really illustrates the process. So even if you don't have the tool, the process is going to work for you. So basically all I'm doing here is I pull my data from YouTube's analytics and I literally pasted it in here for 90 days in lifetime and it outputs this cool spreadsheet with all of my videos on it, all of the important analytics, the numbers of how that video has done, both.

Lifetime as well as most recently. And then it gives me a cool video status. So here is what you're going to do. I want you to pull up your channel right now. If you're driving, please don't pull up your channel because that would be a disaster. But what you're going to do is you're pull up your channel. And what we're going to do is methodically go through every single video that you have published on your channel, and we're going to classify them in one of these seven video types.

I'm going to show you what to do with each of them here in a moment. But the process is we're going to identify each of these video types on your channel so you know exactly how to treat it so that it can become. Evergreen and you can get views on it permanently. First, there are two types of videos that actually are not going to be pulled up by the numbers. The detractors and the action drivers. I'm gonna, i'm gonna tell them over here on this driver. I'm gonna tell you over on this camera here. So for the detractors, you've pulled up all the videos on your channel.

Detractors are videos that for some reason should not live on your channel anymore. There's a few reasons why that might be. One is you don't agree with what was said anymore. Another is if it's detracting, if it's literally a. Separate audience from what you're trying to target right now. And the third is if you have a newer version or you need to make a newer version of that video, then you're going to label it as a detractor and get this. What you're going to do with detractor videos is private them. No hold on, hold on. I get this is crazy because if you go through your channel you might end up private in tons of videos, especially if you've been doing Youtube for a while and there might be big concerns with that.

But before I myth bus some of the concerns you might be having right here, I wanted to show a real example. I think Ricky, you had. I do. And really on this income school channel, I have never done this process before for and I have like well over 300 videos, okay. And there are probably going to be a lot of detractors. Here's one that I've already labeled as a detractor and it's simply because I have a new version of this video that is more relevant, it's more accurate for today. And so even though this video is actually has a lot of views on it, I don't want it anymore on my channel because I want YouTube to promote only the newer version.

So yes, it would say Mark this video as private. I actually put here first. What I'm going to do is I actually want to try to get YouTube to point people to the new version of the video. So I'm going to put a link in the pinned comment, I'm going to put an end screen, I'm going to put a card in the video. Basically I'm going to keep the video for like maybe a month, but I'm going to try to use every resource available now to try to direct people to the new version.

And then I'm going to come back and I'm going to mark it as private. No matter how many views, it's still getting a month from now. Because it's actually detracting and pulling people away from the newer, better version of the video. I hope you get why this is so cool. Because what we're doing is we're literally making your Youtube library, your channel into a library of Evergreen content.

And the big reason we're doing this is because it allows Youtube to serve your best content, because it's literally the only content that it can pull from your channel. So to address some of the questions I know are coming up for you right now, first of all, well, Nate, if I private a video, isn't that going to make my over? Or view count go down. Yes, it literally will let me show you if I pull up socialblade. It's a website just to kind of show how a channel is performing. You'll notice. Look at this total video views weekly. I have some big dips here. There was a dip right here and there was a dip right here.

These were both moments when I went in and I just privated a bunch of videos on the channel because publicly it says how many videos do we say hundred and six videos if you go to channel makers. But if I show you on the back end of the channel, I actually have. 203 as of recording this because I have been cleaning it, that's why I call it's a secret process. I've been doing this, testing it for over a year now before I'm finally sharing this video with you and that perceived loss in views, I want to remind you that far more important than total channel views on your channel is recent views.

Even if you're looking to get sponsorships, for example, if I were a smart sponsor, I'd be looking at recent baseline of views. Those numbers I was showing you that are going up on channel makers, I'd be looking on that far more than if I had one video. You know, five years ago they got 10 million views. So we've gone through it and we've identified each of the detractors, the videos that we just do not want on our channel.

What's next? The action drivers. Now again on the tool, it's not going to classify these videos as action drivers because they rely on external factors, meaning things like if they convert really well to your email list or if they lead to a lot of sales or if they lead to a lot of signups for your Patreon, for example. Those aren't all things that we can track directly in Youtube from Youtube numbers like views, subscribers and watch time. So that's why. We added the option to be able to manually go in and label as an action driver because you treat that differently than the other videos on this list.

This is a great example. This video right here is basically a webinar where I walk people through the blogging system that we have that teaches people how to create a full time income from their blog. Well, that is a video that converts really well into sales. I don't really care. If it gets a lot of organic views, I this is a video I would keep no matter what and less or until I create a new version that I can point people to. So instead of like and in this case it does get a lot of views. So it wouldn't get marked as like a as an underperforming video and I certainly wouldn't call it a tractor, but in many cases there are lower performing videos but they convert really well.

So what are we doing with these action driver videos? Well, we want to just make sure that they're fully optimized. To convert maybe even better than they currently do. So we might update the pin comment, update the description etcetera to help make sure that they continue to convert really well or maybe even improve. And actually I wanted to know here on the tool for members of Project 24 if you have this access to this tool which by the way the lesson new lesson drop just today it's going to auto populate an answer of what to do which is pretty cool. Now an important thing I do want to say another thing on these action drivers here and that is that it's not always immediately obvious according to the performance of a video it's super easy.

For you and I to see a video that were you watching this is say, Oh my gosh, that video, it was a 10 out of 10. It bombed. But we need to keep in mind that there are other factors besides just views or the things that we see on Youtube All right, so we've got those. Onto the next types of videos. These are the ones that are a bit easier to measure with just the numbers that are available on Youtube The next video you're going to see on your channel is what I call kite videos. And these are videos that outperform other videos for a few different reasons.

It can get higher views at higher average. Watch time or a higher subscriber growth from the video itself. These videos performed better than the other videos on your channel. So with kite videos our main play is to take advantage of that momentum. So because that video is outperforming other videos on our channel, it has a lot more potential to be gathering new audience and doing really well with the existing audience. So we'll want to be updating our call to actions, pinned comments, descriptions, end screen, those type of things. But what we are not doing is dramatically changing the title or the thumbnail.

We I put it on the tool over here as. Be no touch zone. If that video is performed well, do not touch the title or the thumbnail. We do not want to ruin the momentum of that video just because we're tinkering. There's much more important things to be doing on other videos on our channel. And that brings us to the next video type, which we call declining kite videos. Very self-explanatory title there. And these are the videos that were previously kite videos that are now showing signs of age.

They previously got a lot of views. A lot of times they'll be a video that overall total views has a lot of views. But the most important factor here are. Recent views, if that video is showing, it's trending downward in recent views, we need to do something about it. And actually, let's use this to explain it. Yeah, absolutely. So right here, you can see this particular video. Over time, it's had a lot of views on the channel, well above the average number of views for just any video on the channel.

But in the last 90 days, it's not in the bottom, but it's also nowhere near the top, right. It's not well above the average. And so this one's declining from the position it used to be in, and it kind of makes sense when I look at this like the thumbnail. This is one of our oldest videos. This doesn't look anything like our modern thumbnails. It just feels way out of place on our channel, and so it doesn't surprise me that it's not performing as well as it once did.

So in this case, one of the biggest plays will be doing on this video, or if you're finding declining kite videos on your own channel, is updating the title or the thumbnail, making it more fresh and relevant feeling. So if a new viewer came and they saw they watched your recent videos and this one got recommended to them, it still feels like, Oh yeah, this is just from the same channel.

That is what you're going for. Because the goal there is to resurrect the declining kite videos and eke out as much performance as you can get from a video that has shown that it can perform well. And now it just needs to be. Slightly updated. And that brings us on to the next video type, which is the potential kite video. These are the ones that are sometimes the most frustrating to channel makers, actually, because often these are the videos that we put a ton of work into.

You know what I'm talking about, we put a lot of work into. We think, yeah, this one's going to be a zinger. This one's just going to crush it. And it doesn't do that great or just does just average for your channel. So when you find these videos on your channel, your main play is to identify why did it not perform the way that we thought it did. Is it possible that it was totally amiss and the content was just bad? That that's a possibility, right? But in most cases, simply changing the language we are using.

And by language I mean the title and the thumbnail, the marketing of the video. By simply changing that to better fit what our audience wants, we can take a potential kite video and make it into a real kite video. So we've worked through. A lot of the videos on your channel thus far. Now it's time to get to the final two video types. The 1st is anchor videos and the second is vanilla videos. Now anchor videos, in this case, you hear anchor and you think, well that's a good thing for a boat, right? It keeps you steady.

But on Youtube if you are not moving, if your channel is not growing, it's actually dragging you down. So that's why I purposely use that visual, that methodology to say if a video is an anchor, it's actually dragging down your channel and slowing your momentum, it's underperforming on your channel. These are not detractor. Videos, these are anchor videos. And then the secondary video is what we call vanilla videos. These are the ones that exactly as you would expect, they're just kind of middle of the road. We don't need to do much with them.

Now there's a reason why we combined these two video types together as far as actions and actually let's show. All right. So let me show you some examples here like some of these here are right now we're in the anchor video category. And I mean, we look at the numbers here and in the last 90 days, it's got eleven hundred views. It's not even in the really bottom on views, but look at the subscribers like.

This isn't doing anything for me. It's empty views at this point, right? Exactly and really even the number of views is below average. Some of these others are very low on the views or the watch time side of things and so it's just not helping anymore. So then I think with these we just have to decide. Is this video a detractor or is it worth keeping in my library? In many cases it's not actually worth keeping in my library. It is an anchor holding me back.

An important thing I would add to this anchor thing here is if a new subscriber were to come to your channel right now, this is how I would classify. If they were to come to your channel right now and an anchor video was suggested to them and they watched it, would they just feel like? It wasn't that great. If that is the case, that is an anchor video and most likely should be treated like a detractor video and just private it or removed from your channel absolutely. Now, vanilla videos are not as low, right? So we look here, none of these in on this. The conditional formatting, it's not showing up as red.

Some of these still, I mean, are only gaining me like 5 subscribers in the last three months, like 1 and a half subscribers. A month, ok. Cool that's exciting. It's just not doing much for me anymore, right? And so we look at each one and determine again, is this video, because sometimes it can be is this video an action driver? It's okay if it's low on view count, if it drives action for those viewers or is this video a detractor, in which case absolutely, we're going to get rid of it.

Sometimes I think a lot of vanilla videos could hang out in the library as long as they're not detracting. But you might decide to be a little more heavy-handed on the detracting marking of detractors then is comfortable. Because I think they are holding you back because the goal here, I just, I just have to say this here the goal here is again, your entire channel can be Evergreen and if you're not familiar with that word, I'm just going to explain it here again.

That means that any video on your channel could be viewed into the future and doesn't rely on the initial push of audience. It can be found through browse, suggest or search anytime into the future and can still get a lot of views. So what you've done thus far is you've gone through and you've classified each of these videos on your channel and you've. Taken actions based on what we've recommended. If you remember Project 24 you can just export the data and just put it in. It does most of it already for you. And also I wanted to tell you about something that I am quite excited about and I'm hoping you'll be super excited about.

Also, I'm starting a totally free group called Channel Makers Insiders. Now as part of this group, I realized how cool would it be for me to be able to sit down and periodically take one of your channels and review it in depth. This is not surface level. Oh, I think your thumbnails are this or this or this it's i treat it as if you came to me and paid me hundreds of dollars for a one-on-one console and I just dig it open. I just rip that thing apart and explain everything that I would change about that Channel. So that's one thing I'm going to be doing. The second thing is, you know I like to do data gathers or when I when I ask you hey, what's your lowest performing video or which thumbnail do you think should have done better and it didn't.

If you join the channel makers insiders, I will give preference to your data first before I ask publicly here on the channel makers community because how? How cool would that be to get potentially at your channel in front of me and just have me rip it apart and roast the entire channel? Unfilter, I take the filter off, no editing, etc. None of that like an hour long video of me just tearing apart your channel and everything about it. And not only that, but see how I'm doing that for other similar channels like yours.

So if that sounds interesting to you then I'm going to put a link in the description as well as the pin comment on this video for how to join that and when you click the link there will be more details on that page. I just thought I wanted to do this for a while. Isn't that not right I've been thinking about it for a long time I've been planning. I've been wanting to do this forever.

So if that sounds exciting to you, go ahead and use the link and we'll see you there.


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