Howdy, howdy everyone. Nate here. So interesting things happening here. You see, I asked you recently for your opinion on Youtube shorts and the response was mixed to say the least. You see, when I ask this, I gave three options. I love You Tube shorts, but I wish they would blank. I hate them because blank or I think they're great the way they are. And the responses ranged from courageous painting saying I love them. They're a great way to test out new content. Do a comment from Matt's offroad recovery.

When I come to Youtube to consume content, I need 10 minutes plus and I'm always disappointed when I only see it. It's 30 seconds. Or less. 2 comments for like from the channel Jay Fairbrother here that says I'm not a fan of them but it feel I need to start making them because that's what Youtube is pushing us towards. I have been spending an absurd amount of time watching Youtube shorts recently and I have some things to say.

First we got to get the smaller more common mistakes I see Youtubers making in their Youtube shorts. One the Youtube shorts are not announcements. What I mean is you don't put out a Youtube short just to announce something happening on your channel like hey I'm doing a sale on my product or hey I just launched new. Merch or hey, I'm taking a break from publishing. Shorts are not the place for that, and I'll explain why here in a moment. Next mistake. Shorts shouldn't only be repurposed content. Meaning if the only thing you're doing on your channel with shorts is repurposing other content on your channel, it's missing out on a huge opportunity with Youtube shorts.

And the secondary to that one is if you're only repurposing content from other channels and just adding music and a robot voice to them, you're also missing out on a huge opportunity. Next mistake. Shorts aren't previews. They are not a preview for an upcoming. Video that you're about to publish and this is for similar reasons on why they're not an announcement, which I'm also going to get to.

The next common mistake is shorts are not a replacement for the Community tab feature on your channel, meaning they're not a place to ask questions, give small life updates, or give behind the scenes unless it's done correctly. All right, and now on to the recent developments with Youtube shorts monetization. First of all, Youtube you done it. I predicted they were going to do this, and if they do this correctly, Youtube shorts are going to win the other platforms unless the other platforms like tik tok or instagram.

Actually adapt to match this. As I'm sure you were aware before watching this video, Youtube recently announced monetization on Youtube shorts. But an interesting thing with that you might not have considered is that when I've looked at this as a recording, the threshold is 10 million shorts views within a 90 day period, plus a subscribers compared with regular you tube Youtube monetization requirements of four thousand watch hours. But what this tells me, get this, listen closely here is that Youtube sees 10 million views on Youtube As equivalent to 4000 watch hours elsewhere on YouTube. That is more significant than you may realize.

You see, I think YouTube looks at YouTube shorts as views primarily and not watch time. Meaning if a 5 seconds of a YouTube short plays, that is counted as the primary measurement factor for a YouTube short. I'm not disputing that fact that more watch time on YouTube Shorts is an indicator of a more satisfying experience for the viewer. What I am saying, however, is that from a. Monetary standpoint Youtube is viewing Youtube shorts as very different than long form content. That observation came as I was attending VID Summit recently and Renee Ritchie, the Youtube creator liaison, was on stage with another person from Youtube discussing the Youtube shorts recent developments.

Now you may remember my recent update video on why I was finally excited about Youtube shorts in regards to them bridging the gap between long form content and short form content on the same channel. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to watch this video next. But another interesting. Thing that came out of that speech at VID Summit was they mentioned potentially the ability for creators like you or I to take clips from our long form content and make that clip into a YouTube short. Now that's not totally new functionality by any means, but the thing that stood out to me from what they were saying was get this potentially the ability to directly link that YouTube short on your channel with the long form version of that YouTube short.

This is huge because this might totally break what? I just said about Youtube shorts being previews for long form videos. If you could create a Youtube short from a long form video that then directly they could click a button or something on the Youtube short itself and watch the long form version right there. That would be huge. All right. So recording Nate here. Turns out that Youtube is already rolling out this feature as we speak and happen for a little bit. I'm curious to see what it looks like and how it plays.

Outgoing forward. All right, back to the video. And if this video is being helpful to you thus far, I would love if you would boop the like button so it can spread to more people. Thank you. And now we need to address this question. Are You Tube shorts utter trash and are they ruining all of the rest of the content on Youtube I think you can already guess what my answer to that is. And of course, they're not total trash. And also, I don't think they're going to ruin the rest of the experience for viewers on Youtube And I don't just say that just to say that.

Here is why I think that you see one of the primary concerns I see people having, and perhaps you watching this have had a similar concern. With YouTube shorts is well, they're just going to ruin a people's attention span and YouTube is just going to somehow YouTube shorts are going to completely overtake the rest of the content types on YouTube. That's from everything I have observed of YouTube's actions recently, as well as the speech given at VID Summit is just simply not true. And This is why they have directly said that they want all types of content to be able to coexist on a channel.

And not only that, but all types of content to thrive on YouTube. And if you're watching this, do not. Want to do You Tube shorts on your channel? That does not mean that you're going to be magically left in the dust. I don't even know what being magically left in the dust means. It's just what came out. But really what I'm saying here is if you decide not to do You Tube shorts, maybe you try it and you just feel like it's just Nat for me.

Take it from Nate here, that does not mean that your channel is going to die overtime. What it does potentially mean is you're missing out on an opportunity. Will there be future opportunities? Absolutely and just because you skip the Youtube shorts bandwagon the Wild West. That it is right now does not mean that your channel will fail now. A word for those who are doing YouTube shorts or are considering doing YouTube shorts right now. This is perhaps the biggest mistake I see creators making with YouTube shorts.

Are you ready for this? People who watch YouTube shorts are there for one word. Entertainment and almost nothing else. And I fully realized that statement excludes and or cuts out a broad variety of content types on Youtube including but not exclusive to educational content or how to content. And if you think Nate is saying that, yes, Youtube shorts are not for those types of content, then you are correct. Youtube shorts is for entertainment. Now underneath that, why do people want entertainment? Well, they might be bored, they might want to laugh, or they might want to see cool new things. And it doesn't mean you can't do.

Edutainment or similar. What I'm saying here is if you yes you go on Youtube shorts and you just create a shorter version of a long form how to video and you don't make it entertaining, then it will not do well on Youtube shorts. But not only that, but if you publish that Youtube short on your channel and you expect it to somehow magically grow the rest of content on your channel, you're probably going to be disappointed. And now you've asked all your questions of Nate here, it's time for me to ask you a question.

What channel makes your favorite Youtube shorts? Even if you aren't a big fan of Youtube shorts, if you've ever watched Youtube shorts. And you. A particular channel that you just like what they're doing what is that Channel, so here is my ask for you paste the name of that Channel in the comments of this video that you're watching right now do not paste the link. I need to warn you here do not paste the link.

I have comment links blocks so if you paste a link in your comment. It will not show I will not see it. Nobody else will see it just paste. The name of the channel and what you like about their You Tube shorts, so that you and I. Yes, I will be reading as many of the comments on this video as I possibly can so that you and I can see some examples.

Of channels doing YouTube shorts really well, so let the comments commence.


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