So I've got three cameras rolling and you know what that means. Howdy, howdy everyone. Nate here. This video is the definitive video. I am hoping to make all other videos about this topic obsolete after this one. And yes, I'm hoping it will be super eye opening because you've never seen it put this simply or powerfully before. So what we're going to do is walk through very clearly The Who, what, where, why, when and how of asking for subscribers and why it happens how you grow your channel in a real way. Ok, so for this first one, the. I purposely made this as simple as I could possibly explain it, and I want you to understand that I'm putting this very simply because it can be easy to confuse this.

So the reality here is that you watching this are a real person, you creating a channel as a channel maker are a real person, and your audience are also real people. Why am I saying that, Nate? Because it can be very easy to forget that in the pursuit of numbers. So at its core, why The Who matters so much is because what you are doing is you. Are creating satisfying content for them and nothing else. This cannot be overstated. This is the fundamental of how to grow a real audience on your channel. I'm going to speak more on this in the why section in a bit, and that brings us to the next factor, the what a subscribe actually is for your channel.

You see, fundamentally, a subscribe to your channel is your audience member and audience member bookmarking your channel. They're essentially saying, yes, I want to add this channel as a bookmark to my list of subscriptions on my YouTube account, but at its core. A subscribe to your channel is not much more than that. In fact, this is something that the Youtube company has experimented with extensively over the years, and one of the experiments they did do a while back was they decided to populate the homepage with just subscriptions. Whatever you as an audience member subscribe to, they would just show videos from those channels on the homepage.

Maybe with a few other suggestions, but primarily just subscriptions. Now the interesting thing was that the result of that experiment turned out that people watched less Youtube when that happened, which is what? Led the Youtube company to switching to other algorithms of finding and suggestion. Now having said that, that's not the full story. In fact, I wanted to outline what a subscribe actually does for your channel. A subscribe to your channel is an indicator to the algorithm of preference from your audience. Meaning if an audience member watches a piece of your content for example, and they decide to subscribe from that piece of content, it is an indicator that they like your content and therefore from my experience they are more likely to suggest your content going forward.

However, how I have seen this play out is. And audience member subscribes to your channel and then they don't interact with the remainder of your content. When it's suggested to them for a while that subscribe will essentially drop off. The number is still there but the interaction isn't. Which leads me to the next thing of what it does for your channel. When people subscribe to your channel, they are adding a number to the subscriber count that is publicly visible for your channel, which does lead to a perception of authority or expertise or experience in your space, which then does lead to the next benefit of having a higher subscriber count and that is attention.

Specifically from brands, meaning brands that might be interested in sponsoring your content or doing affiliate deals with you. And in fact, a funny little aside on this one, I noticed personally on this channel you're watching right now an uptick, a significant uptick in the amount of people reaching out to me or brands reaching out to me when I hit 50.000 thousand. Subscribers that was interesting. Now there's a big thing that subscriber count does not mean for you that I need to warn you about.

A larger subscriber count does not mean in any way, shape or form that once you have a larger audience, you can do whatever you want with your content this is simply not true. All of the algorithms are designed to follow audience, intent and interest and so if a channel with a larger subscriber count decides to all the sudden switch and do a different type of content, that does not mean that the audience will follow it. So put simply, subscriber count itself as the number has almost zero effect on that aspect. I do need to add the asterisk here, and that is if you have built an audience that likes you and whatever content you produce and then you pivot, all the sudden there's a fair chance that a lot of that audience might follow you the new.

But that is different than simply subscriber count. And now we have the win a win within a video. Should you be asking your audience to subscribe? Well, I'll tell you one thing right out the gate, if you've watched any of my content before, you know I'm going to say this not within the 1st 45 seconds of your video, assuming this is a standard long form content on Youtube Now why is that Nate you ask is because do they really know that they want to subscribe to your channel within the 1st 45 seconds? In most cases the answer is no.

So it behooves us to put it at a location that is more opportune, which is right after you've. Done something great within your video. Now I know this has been mentioned elsewhere on my channel before. However, something I have never mentioned before on this channel to my memory is that you don't want to do it right after doing something great in your video and come across as pandering. If I were to walk up to you and make a beautiful gift, hand it to you and then stand there and go like this, now pay me for this beautiful gift that I gave you.

That is not what we want it to feel like. And in addition, I'm going to note here that I don't have a set area or quadrant within the length of your video where it. Is most optimal to ask to subscribe. Just know that when you are planning or outlining your video, it does make sense to include an invite to subscribe or boop the like button right after you've had a high point within the delivery of the video.

Now, high points within the video could be any of these. It could be soon after you made your audience laugh. It could be soon after what's traditionally considered the climax of a video. It could also be if you're sharing information right after you've shared your best tip or just a really good tip, and also near the end of the video, it could simply be a reminder of how much effort it took to make. That video, it's going to take some practice, but I want you to start from one of these points and now we're going to talk about the where within your channel as a whole where you should be asking people to subscribe.

Now I know that I've become known for not asking people to subscribe and in fact inviting people to not ask people to subscribe themselves. Which is partially why for the past two ish years I have not asked people to subscribe except for once to share it as an example, within a video. And they did all that and it worked for one simple reason. I wanted real audience or people who chose to be there on their. Own however, I need to clear up a big misunderstanding. Since I originally published the video on this channel on why I wasn't asking people to subscribe.

You see, a lot of people thought I was implying that you should never ask your audience to subscribe, ever. Or that asking to subscribe or growing your subscriber count is somehow bad. That is not the case at all. We are not pushing away. In fact, we're doing the opposite. I love growing audience and I love growing subscriber count as an indicator of audience growth. Rather what I am saying or what I have been saying is this. It is more important. To grow real audience because they chose to be there than to grow the number. So give me two channels, one of them has a hundred thousand subscribers and gets a thousand views per video without very many comments, and another one has a thousand subscribers and gets fifteen hundred views per video and a lot of audience interaction.

I would rather have that one because when I'm showing that I have a real audience and the audience wants to be there, that's just the seeds for the real growth that comes later. And if you're watching this or in a situation where your audience is growing quickly right now, just keep this in mind. It's not about the numbers, it's about real audience so to clear this up in a definitive way, there's no reason why you shouldn't have an invitation to either like or subscribe in every video on your channel. I wouldn't usually mix the two together, however, which brings me to the next point, because now we need to talk the how. Oh man.

I did not intend to rhyme that. How do you ask your audience to subscribe within your videos? First thing we're going to avoid is this. I want you right here, right now, as you're watching this video, to commit to never do a generic ask to subscribe ever again on your channel. Now what do I mean by a generic ask? Well, you know exactly what I mean. Be sure to like, subscribe and comment. Now let's get into the content of the video. Or if you're not here, be sure to hit subscribe and turn on the bell notifications so you never missed any videos. I say that in jest, but really, how often do you subscribe because of one of those generic invites? Or I'll do you one better.

How often do you even hear it? When one of those happens within a video you're watching, we block it out. It's as if it almost didn't even happen. So now you've made the commitment to never ever do a generic invite to subscribe ever again on your channel. Let's talk about how you should. Do it. The first thing is it can be valuable to remind your audience how simple it is to subscribe and how much it means to you as the channel maker.

So something similar to hey, if this video is being helpful to you, a subscribe would mean a lot to me. It's just a simple you subscribe, it adds it to your subscribe list. But what that does for me is it gives me an indicator that I am building an audience and I am creating helpful or entertaining content for people. Next approach you could take is demonstrate the value that you're providing for your audience. Don't assume too much and come across as a narcissist. Yeah, my content is so valuable and therefore you have to subscribe. That's not what I'm. Saying here, it's simply a reminder of if that video was valuable to them, it subscribed does mean a lot to you, and the next approach you could take could have to do with the amount of work that goes into the content or the effort that went into it.

If you just did something amazing, you just drove 12 lawnmowers off of a roof, for example. And right after you say, by the way, this cost me the most money it's ever cost a video. And it was kind of fun but crazy and I had to get security measures in place and all this. If you enjoyed that content, if you enjoyed this video, it'd be great. If you subscribed now the last one I wrote and read here as a potential warning because it asked for a subscribe. Should rarely have to do with just supporting you as the channel maker. Now, this works for a lot of channels, which is why a lot of channels teach to do it this way.

But in my mind it's almost the equivalent of its you hear a knock on your door and you open the door, and there's a cute little kid selling cookies. Now, in most cases, you'd buy the cookies for two reasons. One, because you want the cookies, and two, to support the kid that's really cute, and they're walking door to door selling cookies. But what if they were trying to sell you carrots, collard green, and butterscotch cookies? Would you still buy those cookies? Potentially to support a good cause, but the product itself or the content on the channel might not be what you want, which is why I say, sure, it might work in the short term, but it's not a way to build a subscriber growth strategy.

It's far superior to focus on the content itself and it being valuable or entertaining for your audience than it is to focus on supporting you as a channel maker. Now, like I mentioned earlier, after the very early days on the channel you're watching right now, I think I have only asked my audience to subscribe. Once simply to demonstrate how to ask it really does that even count? And like I mentioned earlier, if you want to know why I decided to do that, you can watch this video next. But today in this video, I'm going to break that streak.

You see, I have myself and a team dedicating ourselves to bringing you the very best. Cuttingedge Youtube knowledge so that you as a channel maker can stop wasting time and focus on real results. And in order to do that, I do my best to avoid fake clickbait and false promises for the topics of my videos and the titles and thumbnails so that instead I can only deliver reality in each video.

So you know where I'm going with this. If you are building a Youtube channel and that is valuable to you, please consider subscribe. The reality of the matter is it does mean a lot to myself and my team, and it is an indicator of how well we are able to help people like you watching this. So thank you for doing that. And if you're not ready for that kind of commitment yet, feel free to just boop the like button on this video instead. Which brings us to the why of subscriber growth and real audience growth for your channel. Your primary goal with your audience is this.

To delight them. So I want you to think of every piece of content like this, and I recently learned this from Ryan Trahan. I thought it was great. He describes it as every piece of content you're producing for your audience. Think of it as a gift for them. You were giving them a gift, you're doing your best to create something that they will like. And like I mentioned earlier, it's not that you will give someone a gift and then ask them to pay up immediately. It's rather that the continuation of giving people good gifts will lead to them liking and being delighted by your content more and more, which is what leads to the most.

Authentic and real audience growth for your channel. In fact, I would think about it this way. Going forward, everything about your channel, all your pieces of content becomes a virtual billboard attracting the right audience. So when your audience comes to you and they find your content, they know that they are in the right place because at its best people have subscribed, are currently subscribing and will continue to subscribe to your content because they want to keep experiencing what you make. And I am going to add to that, if this video was valuable to you is valuable.

To you, I'm going to recommend you watch this video next, where I share my complete guide on how I would build exactly how I would build a successful YouTube channel this year. And in it I also share more of my program if you want more personalized or advanced help from me. So here's a video. Go watch that next and we'll see you there.


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