So I get it. You might have been wondering what tools does Nate use for Youtube beyond just the tech gear. And I'm sure that so many people are wondering that. Just so many people. So I'm going to tell you anyway. Ok, first tool I'm going to show you is in the infamous Blackboard room. Close this right here. So excuse the mess. I'm in the process of moving locations, so yes, I am batching videos before so I have several in the docket.

When I am homeless. I don't have any place to record this. Blackboard is one of the most requested things when I when people say, hey, I want to know what you're using on your channel. What is that? Well, I'm finally going to be showing you what it is so within a video you can see. The standard frame. I have my camera right here. The standard framing would look somewhat like this and it looks really slick. It's very reflective and if you look closer it is actually, it's not a computer screen, it's actually just a blackboard with a glass covering on it. And if you want to get one for your own videos I can link to it in the description below.

But the other thing to point out here is it is actually not one board, it is 2. I've set them, I've took them both and I put them vertical. Hey, you can see my reflection. So I've taken 2. And I've set them both vertically right here to form one large board, really slick. It looks really good. However, there are few caveats, a few difficult things about this board, the first being, it is so reflective. You can see my reflection right here. And because of that, the placement of lighting has been extremely difficult with this, which is why you see a light over here on the side.

And if you look up there, there's some lights up in this corner because any other placement further down would result in those lights being visible within the frame of the blackboard. Now, because of how it's set up, when I set a camera right in the center, it almost becomes invisible. You can see it right there. And typically I would close these curtains. I have this, you can see I have the sound panels over there. The other tricky thing about this is because it's a glass blackboard, it doesn't take normal markers.

In fact, I'm going to show you what kind of markers it takes here. It takes these. These are actually paint markers. And they're much more difficult to use. You have to shake them. You have to press them down. And it takes a lot of time to do this, as well as erasing what is on the board. But the end result I have found to be really slick. And now on to the next tool. Ok, for this next tool, I need to go out of the sunlight here and into the dark.

Cody's room here howdy howdy, Cody. Ok so I want to show them click up we use for a lot of our production and Cody here is the resident click up experts. So what do we got going on here? So you have a separate list for all your ideas just so you could brain dump and make sure you get everything out there. And then once you're ready to start recording, go ahead and put it in a list of what you're actually producing and you can create different statuses and keep track of where you are in a project so you never get lost once you.

Have your videos. I'm curious, are we actually going to make this super to sandwiches? You won't believe the results. I don't know. I've got some juicy details that I'm not quite ready to share that I'm kind of stuck on a few recipes. We're making progress. And then once it's done recording, mark it complete. Ok. So I'm going to take the mic back now here. All right. So what we've found is we've used a variety of different tools for our video production and all everything that goes into managing A-Team and producing videos. And we found that clickup is by far the most versatile and most applicable to our case. It's super customizable and now on to the next tool.

All right, let me know by the way if you want me to do a more in depth of our production process because we've worked through a lot of. Things to figure out how to best produce videos on an ongoing basis and avoid what's the word I'm thinking of? Avoid catches. Avoid stopping points. I can't think of the word right now. The next thing I wanted to show you is my content fish here. This is a fairly new addition to my tool arsenal here. This is the content fish that if I'm ever doing something I shouldn't be doing, meaning not focusing on content and not producing content, I just take this thing and I just.

Smack myself in the face with it to remind myself yo I should be making content instead of whatever else I should be doing. So if you get distracted easily just take a content fish and just smack yourself in the face with the content fish to remind yourself what's the most important thing to be working on. So I say that partially in jest, but I have kind of seriously been thinking about making a content fish as a piece of merch and or a poster of me looking really serious and staring at you like this that you can stick on your wall that says don't make me fish slap you.

We're really on to the next tool I use all the time. We've got the vidiq and I thought, I'm gonna imagine what the team would say if they were here right now. So anyway, that's how it shine my gold play button every day. Yeah, yeah. What would I say about vidiq? Hey, hey. Yeah, I got an idea. Let's tell them how you can spy on other content creators. Well, actually it's not really spying, but OK, let me explain. You see, within VID IQ, you're able to go to any channel and select them as a competitor, which allows you to keep track of them, keep tabs on what they're doing, what's going well for them, as well as if there are standout videos that are doing really well, so you can understand what's working well for your competitors and maybe do better.

Oh yeah, yeah. Now tell them about spying on people's videos yes also, not really spying, but if you have VID IQ installed, you have this handy Dendy sidebar where you can see all sorts of stats. About other people's videos, including a really handy way to get to the thumbnail really simply so you can see it blown up and understand all the nitty to gritty details of why that thumbnail worked or why the thumbnail failed. Or you can see the tags that they have on their video as well as a ranking on how they are doing in search for that search query.

It's pretty dandy. Hey guys, make sure you tell them about the Ultra exclusive discount you got for him. Oh yeah, that's an awesome deal. So yes, I did get a 98 % discount for bit IQ. If you're looking to tie it out, now is the perfect time to do it. I'm going to put the link in my description. Yo man mentioned the QR code. You got to mention the QR code that sends them right to the page.

Ok, yeah yeah, I would mention the QR code. Except TJ. Most of my audience watches my videos on their phone. So what are they going to do? Pause the video? Take this QR code, take a snapshot of it, print it out, and then scan the QR code? Oh yeah, yeah. Good point. Ok, so how about this guys? I'm going to go ahead and put the QR code here for everyone anyway. And then I'm also going to put a link in the pin comment on this video yay yeah, sweet. And the next tool I wanted to show you were practically sitting on in the tripod on my phone. Right here it is.

My desk right here. Now this. The point here is not that you need to get the exact desk. The point is I wanted to show you how I have been using it. So this desk is handy dandy and for a few reasons. One is it's got height adjustable things. I'll show you. Here in a moment, but also because it is also glass and it's got white underneath, I am able to write directly on my desk surface like this.

And if it doesn't look that good yet, I actually use a light over here. Click like that. So that when I'm recording, I set another camera top down like this. So I'm able to have two cameras, my primary camera over here, and then my secondary camera, whatever I'm writing on the desk. And the other fun thing I like about my desk is when I push this button right here, it goes like this, yeah. So while this is happening, you can go ahead and boop the like button on this video. This video is being helpful or insightful to you thus far. I mean, that would be awesome.

Yeah, go ahead. I'm just waiting down here for you to boop the like button. I just. It's right here. Just or wait wait, is it like button over here or is it over here? But then the next thing I wanted to show you aside from my old trusty water bottle here, which by the way, if any water bottle sponsors want to sponsor me, I will definitely do product placement for your water bottle within my video. I'm going to put it back here. I do it in practically every video. If you have a good water bottle, hit me up. But really the next tool I wanted to show you is a tool called whimsicalwhimsical.com So what whimsical does for me is it allows me to quickly and intuitively just whiteboard ideas.

So it makes creating timelines like this one or mind maps like this one. Just incredibly easy. Super intuitive. In fact, when I'm planning a really big video, sometimes I just need to be able to just put everything in my mind out in a visual format. And this one, for example, is one of the most successful videos on my channel. You might even recognize some of these phases as I go through them.

If you've watched this video here on channel makers, and I used whimsical as the starting point to help me map out, what is the flow of ideas? What am I going to be delivering at each point during the video? So now I'm going to go ahead and start. My desk lowering here while you decide to watch this video next. Go ahead, watch it next. We'll see you there.


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