So how do you go full time with a small channel? And do you actually need tons of views and subscribers or your channel even to be monetized in order to make a significant living on YouTube? The answer is you don't. In fact, in this video, I'm going to be breaking down how currently I'm earning 970$ per day without YouTube monetization now, Full disclosure. Disclaimer, I am monetized and this is just one of my income streams, but I'm going to be revealing the results of how I do this in this video.

I'm also going to be sharing a unlikely story of a creator named Mary and how she used the strategy to create extra revenue, pay her bills. I'm going to be sharing the really bizarre story of how I talked about coffee pods. In my apartment in Irvine, california a few years ago ago and ended up earning money every day from selling verismo coffee pods. It's super strange, I know, and I'm going to be breaking down a few tips about how you can do this even if you're just starting out on YouTube or if you want to earn more money on YouTube.

So definitely stick around until the end because we have a lot of juicy content to get into today. But if we're just meeting, my name is Sean Kennel. And this is the coffee with cannel show. Let's get into it yeah yeah. All right. Welcome back to the coffee with cannel show. My name is Sean Cannel. So I pulled a screenshot up here of my Amazon affiliate account and in the last 30 days, specifically June 20, nineteenth 29 June twenty two through july twenty eight two i earned twenty nine thousand three hundred and ten dollars and seventy.

Cents Now, obviously results are not typical. That's a pretty significant amount of money to earn on Amazon Associates. But if you do the math and you divide this number by 30, that ends up being 970$ a day. Now this is not YouTube ad revenue. This is not YouTube paying me ad cents to earn that money. That is directly from Amazon paying me. And you don't even have to be monetized in order to do that.

And so I want to talk about the strategy for how to do this in just a second. But the first thing I actually do want to touch on that I do believe will be worth your time. Is kind of just this question of is it too late to start YouTube and is there too much competition right now? Like why YouTube? Like why is YouTube also specifically purposeful for this strategy? Well, you know, Forbes said that video is where we need to be in 2022 but I just saw this. The brand new numbers came out that YouTube officially has 2 6 billion users worldwide, 2 6 billion.

Now, the last time I looked at this, it was 2 3. That means 300000000 new users have joined the YouTube platform to watch content that have a Gmail account and are logged in. That's what this math tells us. Now there's more than that actually watch YouTube without being logged in, but that's a massive number. So you may feel like competition is going up and it's hard to stand out.

How do I make it as a small channel? As a brand new channel? But the truth is, yes, competition is rising, but so is consumption. There's never been a bigger demand for high quality content and so when you use what we're going to be talking about in this video, it could be very powerful for helping you make an impact and earning good money.

Also, YouTube is in over 100 countries and is available in 80 languages, so you can use the strategy anywhere in the world. And if you haven't heard, being a content creator is now the fastest growing type of small business. From a report done in signal fire they discovered this, but I just wanted you to see that. Influencer marketing hub revealed that 2000000 global content creators are now making six figures. So while you may feel like you're in the frustrating beginning, you may feel like you see other people making it. Other people posting videos and crushing you may feel like there's a lot of people even like me that seem to be spewing hype.

I'm not trying to overhype anything, I'm really just trying to share the real data because when I share 970$ a day, which is outrageous. But it's a real thing. Like, where is all this money coming from? Like this, like 2000000 content critters making six figures? It's because this is how you do it. Like, this is what we're talking about in this video. Like, real money is being transferred to real people working from home, and so how are they doing it? Well, my favorite strategy is what I want to talk about. But the last thing is that the crater economy is currently valued at twenty billion dollars with estimations that it could grow to 104 2 billion.

This year in 2022 that's 5X growth. So I know that we've had two quarters of negative GDP here in the US and I know that the White House doesn't think that we're in a recession. And who knows? And who cares? I mean, I know it's a big deal and it affects people, but like, regardless. If the stock market's going down and tech stocks are going down, which they are, the crater economy is going up, like this is a real thing that is growing, and that's what the data is ultimately telling us.

So you want to get in front of this 5X growth opportunity. And I've discovered that YouTube is healthy growing and the most profitable platform to ultimately establish your brand. So let's talk about it. I want to talk about this strategy, and this is the one strategy that I use to generate 970$ per day. That's from Amazon associates. It's actually kind of the tip of the iceberg because there's a lot of other programs were a part of, but that is the most lucrative 1.

And so let's look at this, here's the strategy and you can write this down, take notes, maybe hit the like button if you're getting value and maybe share this with somebody like is do you find the stuff valuable on this channel? Sean, I've never seen this channel before. Ok well, then don't share it. But if you're getting value, hit the like button. Here's the strategy, review specific products. On YouTube, this is the YouTube strategy. Review specific products. Now wait, you might say, Sean, listen, I'm not a product review channel. I don't review products.

I don't want to talk about products I don't want. Listen, you don't have to only be a product review channel. What we're actually going to discover is that doing this strategy, you can actually generate massive revenue and subscriber growth while building super fans. And creating a win win scenario where people are pumped that they're learning something. They discovered you if you're unknown and you can make money without being monetized. So this is just one strategy in your tool belt. In fact, it think media, there's 16 core strategies we teach like in our main program called Video Ranking Academy. This is one of the 16.

You can do all 16 of them. You, in fact, you probably should use 80 % of them. This is one of them. Ok So here's what it is. It's what I discovered. Have you ever seen these before? This is like a massage gun. You know, use this on your calves, your shoulder blades that you've been working at a computer if you're a runner, if you've been working out, you see something like these massage guns. Now I just want you to imagine for a second that you have a fitness channel. Let me know what your niche is in the comments. Let's say you have a fitness channel. So this channel up here life beckons TV does a video called Thera Gun versus Hyper Volt massage Gun, right.

Look at the amount of views. This video got a hundred and sixty six thousand. Views wow, just talking about two different massage guns. Now look this video, 266,000 thousand. Views p rehab, talking about a couple different massage guns. So what's interesting when you use the strategy RSP review specific products, you don't actually just you're going to make money. We'll talk about that in a second, but you can get a lot of views using the strategy. Watch you can also attract your ideal audience because if you're talking about the right products, then whatever your whoever your target audience is the type of subscriber you want to gain by talking about certain products or comparing two different products.

When people are searching or browsing YouTube and YouTube is suggesting them videos, boom, your video gets recommended. And whether you earn money at all, you can also get discovered. So a lot of people have kind of a myopic criticism of this strategy because they're like, you know, now, I'm not a product review, you don't have to be a product review channel. You could just be a fitness channel. But every once and so often it would be relevant to talk about specific products.

So if you've known me for any length of time, you know that I'm think media. I've kind of become known as one of the camera guys, right? The YouTube camera guy, best camera for YouTube. I've been making the best camera for YouTube video probably since 2015 And it's always changing too, by the way, because there's always new cameras. But all that to say is I made a video called best camera for YouTube, 10 MÈTRES versus the sony a sixty four hundred. It got a million views, right? And so this is where things get interesting. From using the strategy RSP review specific products, there is a month in April of 2020 where I earn nearly forty thousand.

Dollars in fact, it's kind of weird because CNBC did a mini documentary about it. You can look it up. It's like a 10 minute video kind of shares my story. I'm a small town kid, college dropout started shooting making videos in my bedroom and that's not forty thousand dollars in gross revenue, that's forty thousand dollars in profit. And explain how that explains the story there. You can look it up. Sean Kennell, CNBC you can search it on Google if you care.

But all that to say was you can make real money reviewing specific products. So here's Jennifer doing the sewing report, and she does like a DIY channel. You know, easy sewing techniques, easy baby gifts, embroidery machines, you know, different kind of things. She here's a couple of videos. She didn't notice this. The videos are also a couple years old, so going deeper on the strategy, one of the powerful things about doing this is it's not just the views you get today, but when you put out an RSP video and you review a specific product or you do a product comparison, the video can keep getting watched.

Whenever someone's at that minute before a buying decision, they might go look for the video and search like. Do I want to get the brother p e eight hundred embroidery machine? Let me go check it out. Have you ever done that before? By the way, have you ever searched online for information about a product or product comparison? You probably have, and if you haven't, you probably will someday.

And so these videos get views twenty four seven three sixty five for years on end. So now think about it. This is not the only kind of video Jennifer makes. Diy crafting, sewing, pillows, quilts. But when she does, not only does the video 2 years old and has gotten hundreds of thousands of views, not only has it led to her growing subscriber, she's almost a hundred thousand subscribers now, but also she's able to earn money because she's also talking about these products. She sent me a DM and I think one of these brother machines cost her around 750$ and this is her passion and hobby anyways. But she earned 4000$ through affiliate marketing. Talking about the product and unless you think because sometimes people go this kind of sounds scammy, what's affiliate marketing? It's kind of a horrible, horrible term, right? Like this is not scammy, there are scammy people who do it who if you're a scammy person, then it becomes scammy.

But ultimately what affiliate marketing is it's just a cool way to make money. Sharing about products you personally love and use that you would recommend to friends and family anyways. You're just able to make money in the process, and I'll explain a little bit more about that in a second, but like it becomes ultimately a win as a creator, you can earn money talking about stuff you love and use. Products like companies that need to sell things can get in front of their potential audience. You also watch you can help people avoid products they should not purchase and save money.

Don't you wish there was somebody, a friend on the Internet, who could actually be like, oh, don't buy that one, get this one instead. Oh, I tried that, but it broke after six months. So you're there to help. You're there to serve. It's a cool way to earn money sharing products you love and use, and it's called affiliate marketing. You also this is an example. Of doing it in network marketing. So TLC is called total life changes. They sell like skin care and stuff and you could do something like a one month review like look one month update of talking about Skin drops review for like skin care.

What's the point? The point is like it's not even just review a product. You could say unboxing is one way to do it. Impressions after one month. One year later, how's it still holding up this versus that? I want to compare this product to that product subscription box or something like that. You just open it up, you talk about what's in there like the RSP strategy goes really deep like the review specific products and it doesn't actually have to be a review, it could be a first impressions, you might not be ready to review it.

You haven't verified and tested it and clocked enough hours on it yet. You maybe don't understand it yet, you don't know. If it's cleared your skin up the moment you open it in the box, that's okay, you go, hey, i'm here's the results today. Come back one month later. And in a way, network marketing is similar to affiliate marketing. They're different. But again, you could have a link in the description and say, hey, the product's great, it's helping my skin, whatever, and you could earn money in the process. This is Heather. Taurus and you probably know her from the Fake Media podcast. She's our host. She also has a channel called the Home School House.

Her Heather Taurus channel. She's really passionate about home school. Her husband Isaiah have three kids. They love home school. They actually talk. They reviewed their home school curriculum and every year her and her husband Isaiah have they purchase home school curriculum. It's sixteen hundred dollars and what she thought after she built her channel up, she only had like 2000 subscribers. So not 100 million like mister. Beast just hit, but just a few subscribers. She reached out to the company that makes the curriculum and said, hey, would you consider if I made like a video for you guys talking about your product, would you consider sending us the product for free or doing some kind of a brand partnership or affiliate partnership? And they replied and they said like.

What the heck are you even talking about? Like what is a brand, partnership, affiliate activation, influencer deal? You know what I mean? Like I don't even know. But she then explained it like they didn't even know they had no way to do it, but she actually got in touch with them and they go. Sounds interesting. Let's talk. And they gave her a promo code, so if anyone purchased their the homeschool curriculum through her link and used her code, she got 1010 % Commission, which on a sixteen curriculum that's a hundred and sixty dollars. So you do the math.

But she also got the curriculum for free and so she's biz deving business development as a YouTube creator around review specific products. You know, I just showed you earlier how we do 970$ a day view via Amazon affiliates. But again on think Media talking about tech best camera under fifteen hundred dollars is the canon m fifty still the best camera? Earlier this year is about thirty two thousand dollars in a month.

So it fluctuates but it maps to around, you know, a thousand dollars a day now, which is pretty crazy. And I mean here's another one. I did review specific products, best greens powder, organified green juice review. And this was it doesn't have to be tech you know, it could be homeschool, it could be health related. There's a lot of different things. And again you don't have to make this every single video on your channel. You can do this. As just one video, that is a way to earn money and still grow your channel and serve your audience at the same time.

But the reason I am so passionate about this strategy is because you can start earning money quickly. You don't have to be monetized. And that's a big deal because you need money for the mission. Like maybe you need money to be able to go part time at work, or you need money to quit your job fully, or you want money to hire an editor, and again. Under the idea of like how do you go full time on YouTube, it's one of my favorite ways you start making content. You start leveraging affiliate marketing and you tap into the power of reviewing specific products.

Now what can happen is you can look for affiliate programs that are better than Amazon. And one example would be what I did here was because you know I found I'm a health kind of nut. I like to. Bio hack and I buy all these vitamins and all this green juice stuff, and this is actually powdered green juice for when you travel. I learned about it from my friend Louis. And so after I purchased the product, tried it out myself, loved it.

I made a video about it. Now I just sat in front of my window and just shot, you know, just set the camera up, talked about the product. The video was very simple. It's very basic. But I had tested the product. I had done my research on it. I had used it myself. And I just shared what I knew you could see. The video is 8 minutes long. Well, here's what's interesting. A lot of times on Amazon when I talk about a camera, I earn 4 %. If someone clicks my link and buys something, or if they buy a camera, you get 4 %.

For tech, for conversation's sake. If the camera is a thousand dollars i, would earn 40$ Unless I'm wrong, I'm not good at math. And so in this case, though, you can find affiliate programs that pay you more than 4 %. So for this green juice, I earn. 30 % and watch. If they subscribe to get a bottle of Organify monthly, I actually get paid on what's called continuity and I get 30 % every single month. So if somebody subscribes to that product and they stick with their subscription for a year, then every single month the money's coming in. Even though I only made a YouTube video one time.

Somebody watched the video, somebody clicked the link, somebody purchased the product and subscribed. And now every time their credit card gets billed, I'm getting a piece of that transaction transaction 30 %. Can you say wow and can you say wow backwards in the comments? Maybe flip it upside down, mom. So stupid. Listen, hey, I almost have a 2 year old and I have another baby on the way. I'm going to bring the dad jokes. Okay, that's what you get here on the Fake media podcast channel and. That's all. That's all I'm can really deliver for you.

But anyways, it's a big wow. It's pretty, it's pretty amazing. And so here's the sales page. Like you know, they click the link, they go to this page and I'm able to sign up as an affiliate. And so I want to introduce you to Joseph and Mary in just a second, tell you a little bit more about how to do this. But specifically I actually am about to go hang with the fam. I just wanted to get this in front of you today. Coffee Canal is brought to you by Thinkmaster class.com if you're interested in a whole deep dive class about this.

I just finished it up. The replays available for limited time on demand. Thinkmaster class.com Here's the full thing, friend. We're hanging out here on YouTube. You're watching this video. I appreciate you being here. I've also put a class that is exclusive premium content for free at thinkmasterclass.com All you do is you enter your name and email so i can email you the class and a private viewing link because again, it's content that we normally just have reserved inside of our course called video ranking Academy.

There's 60 minutes of value on that class. At the end of it, I'll tell you more about our online course. What's his, is he trying to trick? Is he trying to trick us into going to watch the. I'm not trying to trick you into doing anything. I'm telling you exactly everything that is happening and just trying to add as much value as possible. And if you want to do like more business with us or like learn about our community where we have. Really passionate, purpose driven entrepreneurs that are just really going deep and all this kind of stuff, as well as obviously getting into the step by step by step by step everything.

That's just what's waiting for you at the end of the rabbit hole, right? thinkmasterclass.com so that's it. And it's a really high value class. It's at thinkmasterclass.com I got a really cool case study from Joseph Mary and I want to answer some of your questions about this, but check this out and I'm going to take a sip. Coffee with candle today is brought to you by sparkling hop tea because I'm not drinking coffee, but I'll be right back.

Are you ready to start or grow your YouTube channel? Do you feel stuck and need help connecting the dots? Join this free web class where you'll learn the step by step playbook for YouTube success. We've helped thousands of purpose driven entrepreneurs just like you grow their influence with video. Register today for this exclusive training at thinkmasterclass.com Yeah, yeah, OK listen, we're talking about review specific products, the best strategy I believe for going full time on YouTube.

It's exactly how I was able to quit my job. Go all in. Eventually build a sixfigure income and then scale from there was making YouTube videos. Not just reviewing products, but ultimately tapping into affiliate marketing in this kind of an example. So meet Joseph, right? So he makes the channel called Grow with guitar. Now when you do a guitar channel, think about all the videos you could do. And here's some recommendations if you had a guitar channel, how to play a particular song. Easy chords for a new trending song because people are looking for it. You're teaching people how to play the chords. That's are you going to make money with like affiliate marketing and that? Probably not.

But should you do that video? absolutely. You might make a video that's more Evergreen like scales. How to do a basic scale and people can watch that anytime. It's not based on trends, it's just Evergreen. How to do a scale, OK you might make a video that is about. Practicing and finger dexterity you might make you know things every beginner guitar player should know K so there's all kinds of videos you should make and you can also do review specific products like so it's all it could be on brand on trend.

I'm not like a guitar tech review channel. I don't want to. Well then don't. You don't have to do this too by the way like why are you still here? I'm just kidding like but I mean, you know, like ultimately sometimes. I feel the energy. It's like I don't want to be. Listen this is all I'm trying to do is help you make money OK And help you serve people and have it be a win in the process. So notice what growth guitar did here.

So Joseph finds kind of a niche he starts talking about headphone amplifiers. Ok and look at this 18.000 thousand views. 42,000 thousand views and. He's talking about Vox head amp and plug two headphone amp, shout out all the different models. And then he has Amazon affiliate links to these headphone amplifiers, I believe musical instruments. I think you get 5 %, four percent, I mean.

And so let's look it up. Let's check out these Vox headphone amplifiers. And so someone's looking for a review of this stuff. They go over to Amazon, right. They find these different headphone amps. 79$ someone checks out his video, they click his link, they come over here, they make a purchase. He gets 4 % of that. He's making hundreds of dollars. I forget when he started his channel, but I want to say he's like 17 and I all. I wasn't making hundreds of dollars at 17 don't know why my video is tripping out. I hope it looks good for you. And so that's it, right? Super cool.

And he's reviewing specific product. It's not the only kind of video you have to make. It's the only kind. It's just one that is a great way to earn money. Now once you're signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, let me also show you obviously have to qualify and we're not going to go into all that here, but look up here, see this link here, this is how I get my custom link quickly says at the top of the screen, Amazon Associates and I can just copy paste that link and that is how I put that in my YouTube description.

That is how Amazon tracks, everybody tracks. And ultimately, you know, then if someone clicks on it, makes a purchase, then I end up making money. So it's just once you're signed up and approved, it's really easy to just go to these different pages of Amazon or whatever it is, find things that are relevant, or find the things that you already used. Sean, are you saying I should like, go buy stuff? I don't have any money to buy stuff. You probably already have stuff. Like, because you should make a YouTube channel about what you're already passionate about, what you're already investing in, what you already spend money on, which you already research, which you're already geeking out on, which you are already into.

Like that's the model. Like I was started shooting video from my local church in 2003 Started a business for doing wedding videography and music videos for like local Seattle hip hop rap artists and stuff in 2009 So I had cameras that I purchased. Anyways, I actually took a loan out to get the cameras and I'm hustling to start my small business. But then I'm like wait a minute, I bought this cameras and these lenses anyways and these things were expensive. Wait, I could go monetize from what I already have. I could go answer questions and do tutorials about these and also create extra streams of income.

Well this is cool. And so that's the dream. The strategy is RSP review specific products. So what products could you review or compare? Do they and then ask yourself do they have an affiliate program, do they have an affiliate program drop some in the chat. What is a product you could review that or compare and does it have an affiliate program and there's a way to look and research to see if they have an affiliate program I'll show you how but what you want to do is we always teach reverse engineer. So you could sit down and say, okay, what kind of product would attract my ideal audience? What is maybe something I already have? What is something people be interested in? Can I go see if it has an affiliate program? It does.

You could sign up, then you get all your ducks in a row, and then you can make your YouTube video and start putting that out there. So cooking with, Hilda says cooking tools, of course you could go to, you know, Amazon and there's like endless cooking tools, but. It is. These could be all types of things you make about wooden kitchen spoons. Best wooden kitchen spoons, best knives. You could also do you know silicone versus wooden spatulas so you could you could compare two different types of videos.

I swear my computer's about to melt. I maybe not, but I things are not looking good over here. The Millennium Falcon is losing power chewy i need help. Ok So. What else do you got out there though? Gaming accessories, gaming accessories. So that's a good it's a great one because sometimes people think, well, how does this work for gaming playthroughs? It doesn't. You wouldn't do this for a gaming playthrough, but you would do it for maybe your gaming setup. You would do it for hey, let me show you my desk setup.

I want to show you. I want to show you the LED lights I used for my gaming setup. I want to show you my mechanical keyboard. I want to show you how I set up my old ghetto gotto seat deck. I want to show you my ergonomics that I use for gaming so that I stay healthy and keep my feet comfortable and my posture right. I want to talk about my chair. I want to talk about see, there's all kind of products in different niches, right? That you can ultimately do. And I got to block the spam person.

I put them in timeout. I can block them here awesome. Solo round on coffee with candle. We're out here. Smash the like button writers I see. I see you, Leia. You could do apps as well. Apps are great. You could do different apps, different software. That's a really good one. Hair products for natural hair carry, that's a really good one that you could do. And so again, you might go, well, I don't know if there's enough ideas for this to be the only type of video that I do.

No big deal. It's like one of the videos you upload a year, one of the videos you upload a month. However, what's cool is it's one of the best ways for you to start generating money, and so definitely something to check out. I'm getting calls, I'm getting spam comments, I'm getting hit up from everywhere, my computer's melting, our pets heads are falling off. Anybody that's a niche reference that wouldn't have made sense otherwise. Okay, let's land the plane today. Listen, I want to tell you about Mary, too.

This is a pretty crazy story. So we're talking about review specific products. Let me know what product could be relevant for your target audience, your channel niche, what category of products. It could be software, it could be physical, could be ecom, it could be events. It could be tickets, it could be coaching, it could be online courses, it could be memberships. A lot of different things. But I want you to meet Mary. So, you know, some of these people, these are our video, Reagan Academy students, like people that have been a part of our program. Mary actually had never uploaded a video before and she now says one of the favorite phrases in our community.

She says just put the apron on. And I don't feel like filming, just put the apron on because she films in her kitchen and she's lives in Texas and in a small rural Texas community at our local church. Actually, kids come up to her and they're like, you're famous. She's like, what? She has 500,000 thousand subscribers on YouTube now. It's crazy. And so, anyway, she makes videos like this, like how to make homemade apple cider vinegar with the mother. Anybody who drinks apple cider vinegar knows you want that mother in there. And so that's like a piece of a mushroom, right? It's like a fermented, slimy mushroom that you drink.

Does that sound good? Ok so 546,000 thousand. Views, pretty crazy right? And so she'll do videos, too, like how to make simple roast chicken. Before your next video, just if you're feeling nervous to get on camera, just put the apron on, you know, just punch fear in the face, put the apron on. And so she is figured out and really through our program too, she ranks a lot of videos, her videos are found in search and suggested and through kind of going through some of the stuff we teach. But here's one of the things she does is she has not only set up a website, but for certain video she does, she has set up a shopping guide.

So here's Mary's Nest shop on Amazon. So over time, eventually too. You don't have to be a quote unquote Amazon Influencer, but there's a program called Amazon Influencers where you get your own page, you apply. And so here's her page. She's got emergency preparedness gardening supplies. She's got her food preservation equipment, her cookbook library, her favorite canning equipment, her favorite board games. So over time, she's. One, generally as she builds up her community, people can go to this page and just discover this stuff. Two, she can make specific videos that even lead to specific lists or categories or groups of products. And so do you see how powerful this is? Now imagine having a video like Mary that has 546,000 thousand, views you know, and then how much awareness that could bring into.

Your affiliate marketing, but it doesn't stop there. She also it's not just Amazon. She's also signed up for things like mock milk, and you can use her link, which is how it tracks for affiliate marketing, to get a milk alternative product right, which is now another income stream. Us Wellness meets bread smart. And so you can. Go to her US Wellness meets link right. You get a discount.

It's affiliate marketing. Order some 100 % grass fed beef that they'll ship over to you. And ultimately, is my computer working? Is my Internet broken? We'll see if that loads. And so here we go. And grass Fed Pastor raised meats. And use this is her tracking leak link. You can actually see it up here at the top of the screen very small but it says CJ so it's probably Commission junction or whatever event and there's her tracking link. It's just the point that doesn't matter that the technical side of course does matter.

But like you could see so many different niches and ways you could do this and there's affiliate programs for like Nordstrom and Target and Dick's Sporting Goods and bass pro shop. And our style and Ulta and Sephora, I mean, anything you could pretty much think of, j. Crew, anthropology. And I mean, I don't know like what are we, what are you looking for? Because more and more the world's also moving towards ecommerce, especially with not only pandemics or lockdowns we've been through, but potentially future lockdowns. So there's really never been a better time to position yourself.

In front of this 5X growth the crater economy's been experiencing using the strategy of RSP review specific products. And so if you want to learn again more about this, I wanted to get you the big idea in front of you. Of course, make sure you're subscribed here on Think Media podcast. Also check out our audio podcast, which is on Spotify and Apple because we continue to teach and do more stuff about this. But if you also really want to learn more about this specific thing, how to set this up and really the there's it's not. I'm never want to claim anything's easy and i suggest avoiding following people who you know, say, oh, it's just super easy and all of a sudden you know I posted one video and 1000000$ was transferred to my bank account overnight.

Like this stuff takes hard work, hustle. And it really takes obviously nuances of making the right videos in the right way, structuring the details and all that. And that's where we can help you if you're interested in going deeper with all that kind of information. And so I've been doing this now for over a decade. I made a lot of mistakes. I started to kind of understand this a little bit and I remember my first Commission from Amazon is only 2$ and twelve cents, but now it's up to 970$ a day, so.

I've definitely made a ton of mistakes. I've done the things wrong and I've really figured out how to do this sustainably and also scale up that revenue. So I did teach that in a class recently. If you want to check it out, think masterclass.com If you have a question, put four question marks before and after the question. I'll get to just a couple here today before I go to lunch with my son and check this out. I'll be right. Are you ready to start or grow your YouTube channel? Do you feel stuck and need help connecting the dots? Join this free web class where you'll learn the step by step playbook for YouTube success.

We've helped thousands of purpose driven entrepreneurs just like you grow their influence with video. Register today for this exclusive training at thinkmasterclass.com Welcome back to coffee with kennel. My name is Sean Kennel. What are you drinking today? I'm drinking some hop Lara cop tea. The Citra bomb, one thirty milligrams of caffeine cheers if you know somebody who should see this, would you mind sharing this out? That would be mean the world to me. Hit the like button if you're getting value and if you got a question, go ahead and drop some question marks before and after.

Let me answer just a couple of your questions today on the show and let me know your biggest aha moment and what you're thinking about. Oh, I didn't share the coffee story because I'm inspired now because daily Mom living is drinking coffee gaming mom is drinking coffee, and I should be drinking coffee because it's the coffee with kennel show. But this is an example of how to do this. So once I figured out the fact that YouTube is a search engine, the fact that people are looking to answer specific questions, they want to learn about certain things back in.

Around 2015 I was in Irvine, california this was our part apartment. I was actually campus pastor at the time, working at a church, and I had, I was gifted this Starbucks verismo machine. But I quickly learned that the pods for the verismo machine were outrageously expensive. They're like just as much as going to Starbucks. So I was like, okay, what good is this machine on a pastor's salary trying to do my side hustle and this is. Part of the reasons why I was doing a side hustle cost of living here was expensive, trying to support my family.

And so I was over at a friend's house and they had the same machine, but they were using these different pods, these CBTL pods. Now I was like, what? This is crazy. These fit, they work and they're like, yeah, they do. Like we tried them, they fit in these very small machine. I was like, okay. So I went home and my mine was already turning because I was already making YouTube videos and whatnot and I went home and I.

Research to see OKI said where do you get the pods? And they bought them from the website like c b c b t l ‘s exact website but I love Amazon the most because Amazon, most people already have account, most people have Amazon Prime, and a lot of times it's even discounted more. And one of the big unlocks is you want to remove friction. Meaning if you I don't know about you, if you go to a website you've never been on and you're like, I literally have to make an account and like enter my credit card information. It's too hard. It's too it's too difficult.

So what I did right is I always like Amazon's my favorite because it's the lowest amount of friction. So sure enough, I found CBTL pods on Amazon and ordered some, verified it for myself that they actually worked. And before I did any of that, I actually went home and did some topic research and discovered that sure enough, there was a lot of people that were curious do. Cbtl pods work in Starbucks forissimo like there was actually a search phrase people were looking for. Turns out a hundred and sixty thousand two hundred views later and then notice in the description see it says check out CBTL pods for Starbucks forissimo here you can click this link takes you over to the pods.

I sell coffee every day like you didn't know I was coffee with candle. It should be the name of the show. That's right. The coffee with candle show and so anyways, ultimately I literally hope my CPU is not about to melt. Maybe because it's 80 degrees outside i is it glitching on your end? Let me know if you see little glitches in the video or if that's just my monitors because I am worried. But it's okay the computer would probably warn me wouldn't it? Who cares? Let's keep going. So ultimately, I'm selling coffee every day because the video continues to be found, it's got a link into the description, and it's pretty cool.

All right, well, let me try to not share my screen as much and maybe that's why. But we'll we'll shut it down here. So much for this NZXT Gaming PC that I don't even use for gaming that I'm trying to live stream with and it can't even share my screen on stream yard. But I digress. So let me hit a couple questions and here we go.

If I provide a link to a product page, would Amazon pay me for any of the products from that company's page? Yeah, the cool thing is it actually doesn't even mean just that company's page if someone clicks your link for 24 hours. Anything they buy on Amazon, you'll get credit for. So if you're the last link, they clicked and they go over to Amazon and so imagine someone's like, do CBTL pods work in Starbucks for recent. They find my video, they click my link, but then they don't buy this.

The coffee pods, they go, oh, cool. That's good to know. And I'll save that for later. Oh, but you know what? I do need? Toilet paper. Oh, that's right. My son's birthday is coming up. And I did. He's been good. I'm buying him a PS5 I'd get credit for all that stuff. That's one of the big reasons also why Amazon can be so powerful is you are going to get paid for anything within 24 hours. If you were the last click, how easy is it to set up the affiliate partnership? You could just Google Amazon Associates and start going through the steps. It's pretty easy. You got to do your due diligence and but that's what I would do.

How many videos should you make? That's a really good question. I wouldn't think about it as in like a minimum amount of videos to make and then like now you're set and you can go to the Cayman Islands and you got passive income coming in like crazy. I would actually think of it more as like a lifestyle. I think you really start to see momentum on YouTube on the other side of 30 to 50 smart videos. You should post 30 to 50 videos just to kind of start like stretching out your content creation chops, like just getting used to making content. Getting comfortable on camera testing. You need a good sample size 30 to 50 videos.

But some people go I posted 50 videos and that momentum as it started I go look and I'm like yeah they suck though sorry. I mean it. I'm like you did. The titles don't make sense. They're you're barely titling them. You're not even uploading custom thumbnails. The videos don't even they're you didn't put like thought into them. They're not like a substantive strategic. Dialed in strategic, you know, solid effort. I'm not putting them down or you down as the individual. Like you're not able to create a good video.

I mean you don't have, you have though to sit down and like make a good thumbnail with Canva, like actually write a good title and more than that actually make a video people want to watch. A lot of times people do 50 videos, they didn't even review one specific product. They didn't answer any specific questions. It's just a bunch of random nonsense and they're like, it's just not going viral. I'm like, well, obviously. So all that to say is I really think you could see some momentum after ten twenty thirty forty fifty videos. You'll get there faster if you follow some of our formulas and YouTube best practices in general, but more than that, create a lifestyle of creating content why? Because you'll make your first 20$ Through affiliate marketing as described in this video.

But then it'll turn into 200 but then it'll turn into 2000 and then that might be those might be around your ambitions or what do you want to do? I want to work part time on YouTube, have YouTube pay my bills or you want to build a team and change the world like my ambition at Think Media. So now we have 25 people on the team. So like I'm trying to the revenue we're generating. Is supporting families and helping us scale and do bigger projects and be more creative and create better content for you.

So how many videos should you make? A lot like it's a lifestyle. Like keep making them. Like start making them start small, start at your own pace. It's your race, your pace. Don't get anxious about it. Don't feel weird, fear of missing out or pressure from externals. Just head down on your stuff one a week if you can. So kind of get into that content lifestyle, because content can become something you make a living from and then something that you create as a habit, as a routine and it can become your main thing and ultimately that your full time job as well.

What would you recommend for reviewing a children's author audience? So if you're this strategy admittedly does not work. If you can't sell things to kids is and you can't. So your Amazon, it's against their terms of service to market to children under 13. And so in that particular case, conversely, you could go study Ryan's toy reviews and realize he's not really reviewing toys, but he really is. He's unboxing, he's reviewing toys, but it's not affiliate marketing. And Ryan made twenty seven million dollars last. Year so you can actually still do it. I would just point you to like. Other kids channels to see the clues.

You can learn. They're doing brand deals, brand sponsorships, brand integrations, and all kinds of things like that. Listen before my computer melts. I'm going to land the plane here so and try to figure out why my processor, whatever is overloaded. But I want you to know I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you hit like if you were getting value today if you really want to learn more about this.

I highly recommend checking out the ondemand class. We have the replay up for a few days. Think masterclass.com I just recorded it two days ago, super excited about this information. I actually talked about how you can monetize one YouTube video in four different ways. I talked about how I invested 130$ and turn it into over 30.000. Thousand and I know these are big numbers, but I think what I hope to also be encouraging you within this is that it is practical.

To start earning an extra hundred dollars a week to earn an extra thousand dollars a month, to scale that up to a thirty two thousand dollar a year creator business to scale that up to a six figure. Like, there's a lot of sometimes sensational numbers, and that's not my goal, but I just want to be transparent and honest with the numbers I am sharing. And so this is real. And if you're interested in some of the nuances and details and lessons I've learned, head over to think master class right now to watch the replay.

On demand class of that. It's 60 minutes long. It'll answer some. I'm sure a lot of other questions are coming in here. It'll help you with those as well. Man, I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you. And I want to thank you for being a part of the think media Think Media podcast community. My name is Sean Cannell, and I will see you in the next episode of Coffee with Cannell Peace.


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