Like I make mistakes all the time, I think what we're talking about here is principles to strive for. If you want a lasting YouTube business, if you want to last in the greater economy, continue to work from home and build ever increasing impact as well as income from your YouTube content, don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. Is a book as old as the Bible relevant for the modern business owner and YouTube content creator? The answer is yes, and in this episode of the Think Media Podcast, we're going to be learning 3 Unbreakable YouTube tips from the Bible that will work for every creator to grow their channels and ultimately make a greater difference in the lives of people.

But a huge disclaimer as we start this episode is going to be helpful to you no matter what your background or beliefs are if you are not a person of faith. Or you wouldn't say that you're a Christian or a Bible is in the main text that you look at. You're still going to love this episode and I believe it's worth your time to stick around and that you'll get some practical value out of this.

Personally, I am a Christian and the Bible is my guidebook for life. It's my guidebook for my business, and it's helped me really achieve what we've achieved at think media as I follow these principles and I've picked out three. That are really just valuable for anybody. So I want to encourage you. I think this episode will be amazing whether you're a Christian of a different faith, agnostic, atheist, I encourage you to stick around and I just want to say that I appreciate you and why the Bible though, you know I actually really believe that the Bible is the greatest success book of all time.

It is the best selling book of all time. And I found that the best lessons whether spiritual or related to business. Actually come from scripture. The book is timeless. Therefore it's timely and it speaks right into modern situations that we're going through. You know, we're going through a recession right now in America and turbulent times in the world. And the Bible talks about that. It talks about famines and it talks about wars, and it talks about rumors of wars, and it talks about how to respond and how to have peace and how to take practical action.

You know, I believe that we were also created by God on purpose, for a purpose. And because we were made in the image of God, we were created to create. So what better book for content creators than the very word of God? God is a maker, and if we are made in his image, we are makers as well. We make content. We build businesses, we architect ideas, we have powerful imaginations, and then we can put in the work to bring those thoughts into reality as brick by brick, we apply practical principle so as a business owner and a content creator, you're going to find valuable wisdom and practical tips that will help you grow your YouTube channel in the pages of the Bible.

And I want to cover 3 today on this podcast episode. And here's number one stop overthinking and start posting more videos to YouTube. Now where's that come from? In scripture? Ecclesiastes eleven six says this. Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon for you don't know if profit will come from one activity or the other, or maybe both. Man, this verse is so true for YouTube content creators because so often we can get stuck over thinking what video should I make next? Should I post my video at three the afternoon or five o'clock in the morning? Should I post 5 videos a week? Three videos a week? Should I post 10 videos a week? The answer is yes.

Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon. You don't know what if profit will come from one activity or the other maybe both and so there's something about YouTube where as much strategy as you put into it, as much research as you put into it, the video that you spend 10 hours editing, that you make the perfect title, the best thumbnail, and you're like, this is the one that one might fall flat and get no views. And then you like, shoot a video on your phone, you just upload that thing, you think it's terrible. You just slap a title on there and all the sudden that video goes viral. And you're like, wow, I had no idea.

And so ultimately it's this powerful principle that too many people I've noticed get stuck over thinking when it comes to YouTube, when really instead they need to just start taking massive action. And I want to tell you a quick story, you know, this really became true for me, first of all over the years when I had a side hustle and I was working at a day job. I've waited tables. I've been a pastor and for a campus of a multisite church. I've worked at Red Robin waiting tables. I've had my own side business doing websites and video production for clients.

And when I've been all through all of those seasons, I was doing YouTube part time. And when I'm doing YouTube part time, I would upload videos as much as I could. I would post 10 videos during the summer. And one to two a month during other busier seasons. But I'll never forget 2015 when my life really shifted because I had three main freelance clients and one was paying me 2000 a month, the other was paying me 2000 a month, and one was paying me 1000 a month. That's five grand, sixty thousand dollars a. Year, my wife sonny, and I are living in Las Vegas.

No kids at the time, two dogs. And we are. It's a pretty good income for living in Vegas. Expenses are pretty good there or cost of living is lower. This is 2015 and I'm probably making one hundred two hundred three hundred dollars a month from online income because I had ranked videos out there, YouTube videos posted that are getting views twenty four seven three sixty five. I'm making about 60$ a month in YouTube ad revenue and 150 or so from Amazon affiliates.

And if it's the holidays that could go up almost to a thousand dollars because people would shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And as a tech YouTuber at the time, talking about cameras, lighting, how camera tutorials, that's where the money was coming from. But in 2015 October 3 freelance clients. They started to let me go week after week, the first week of October 2015 a client calls me and says, Sean, we got to let you go. I'm like, okay, they're like we hired a fulltime person and this we got to, you know, cut your contract. I go all right.

You know, bummer, but like shoot, that's cool. I still got two other clients at least, and that was one of the 2000$ clients. And then I got a call and the second client called me and said, Sean? We need to let you go. And I was like, OK what's the deal? And they're like, yeah, we hired somebody. We're shifting some things around or reallocating our staff. Like we're bringing on an employee.

We don't need you as a contractor anymore. That was the second 2000$ client. Now I'm getting nervous. And so then they get a call, God is my witness week three of October 2015 And the 1000$ client calls me and I'm like. I know what this is about. You know what I mean? Like you're just, you're already so discouraged. You're like if things are already this bad, like Murphy's law, like it's just going to probably get worse.

And sure enough, that client let me go as well. So in three weeks I lost three freelance clients, 3 contracts are sixty thousand. Dollars you know, a year is what that 5K a month would map to, dries up completely. We are only a few months away in our savings from being at 0. And so I'm a little bit nervous. I'm a little bit stressed out. And it was at that moment that I called a business mentor of mine and his name is David. And i said David, I'm super worried, like I'm losing all my clients. I don't know what to do I call other clients? Do I pursue other clients, which is reasonable, but he actually told me, he goes Sean, you know? There comes a point in your life when, as an entrepreneur, you need to jump off the Cliff.

But it sounds like God just kicked you off the Cliff and now it's your time to fly. And I was like, is this David or King Solomon? Like what? What are you speaking Limerick proverbs to me. But honestly, that's literally the phone call. And I was like, David, I appreciate the advice because he realized that I'd been hustling on YouTube as a side hustle. And his vantage point was that if I went all in on YouTube that I really had an opportunity there. So what I did this is October 2015 was after about a week of being just pretty discouraged and feeling sorry for myself, I started to hustle and I started to go all in.

And the principle from the story is that I took massive action. Ok because what happened was I posted 52 videos in the next two months between. Actually this isn't a good idea, but I posted between between three channels. My think media channel, our video influencers channel, and my personal Sean Kennell channel. I posted 52 videos. By myself now, mind you, no one's helping me edit. No one's designing thumbnails for me. No one's helping me with titles. Nobody's writing descriptions. It's all on me. I'm scripting the content, reaching researching the content, filming the content, taking the SD card out, capturing the SD card, putting it into Adobe premiere, editing, exporting, uploading it.

I'm actually making blog posts for some of them. Embedding the video in the blog post, putting some text around the blog post, making the title, uploading that on WordPress, uploading extra images there, and then even posting on some social media. To promote the videos coming out. It's just me now mind you because all my freelance clients had fired me. I am now going all in so I'm spending my time hustling. Plant your seed in the morning and keep busy all afternoon like I am really hustling.

In fact, there's a different version of this Ecclesiastes verse. It says sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle with your hands in the evening. For you do not know whether morning or evening planting will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both alike will be good. Essentially, here's the thing. The fact is, I don't know if I should have, in hindsight, been posting on three channels, but I didn't know which one was going to work I was just doing. I was planting seed everywhere. You know, you sometimes could look back and say, well, I would have done it differently, but I was just hustling and I wasn't overthinking.

I was taking strategic action. Massive messy action. But I wasn't going to allow myself to overthink. I was going to get up and plant my seed in the morning and hustle in the afternoon, and as a result, my income from Amazon affiliates and from YouTube ad revenue by January of 2016 So remember, I lose my clients in October. I hustle all November, all December. I keep hustling into the New year, but my income in just two months.

Was almost 5000$ from the Amazon Associates program, from recommending cameras and lenses and for people clicking on my affiliate links, and hundreds of dollars now from YouTube ad revenue. And so the 5000$ I had lost from my client work had been replaced because I put in the hustle. It was strategic. I did know what I was doing. I've been hustling 5 years previous learning about search engine optimization or intent based content, search based content.

I knew my niche. I knew who I was trying to reach. It wasn't as clear as it was today, but it was clear enough. And so there it was. I was very strategic and very intentional, but i still just wasn't overthinking. I was just taking massive action. The principle for you is to punch overthinking in the face and to start taking massive action and it really double down on your outputs. If you got to hustle in the morning, do it. If you got to hustle after work, do it. If you got to hustle at night, do it.

You don't know which activities, which videos are going to produce the results. Just post them all and you're going to see, I believe, incredible things number two don't sacrifice. Your reputation for shortterm growth is a huge temptation I see for YouTube creators. Here's the verse proverbs 11 one and it says this dishonest business practice is something that Yahweh truly hates, but it pleases them when we apply the right standards of measurement.

Dishonest business practices are something that Yahweh hates now. Yahweh is actually the name of God. That's in Hebrew. Proverbs is in the Old Testament, and proverbs is this book of wisdom where we're getting some of these verses, you know, written by Solomon, who the Bible records as the wisest man, wisest king, whoever lived. And here's some of the principles that speaks to me. Don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. Here's an example. Clickbait will hurt your brand in the long run. What's clickbait? We all probably have seen it. Someone puts a sensational title, a sensational thumbnail, and then the video doesn't deliver on that promise.

Now you might actually watch some of our stuff and say Sean, don't you? Sometimes clickbait and it could be misconstrued because the truth is just because the title is like really shocking. Or a thumbnail looks like. Overly sensational. The goal is just if the video actually delivers what's promised in the title and the thumbnail, well then it's technically not clickbait. Or that'd be good clickbait.

But what I'm talking about is bad clickbait. If you look up some definitions of clickbait, it means deceptive or it means misleading. So listen, too many people are just trying to gain the system to get views. You're trying to trick people. You're just trying to mislead people just to just to trick the algorithm. And those types of business practices and YouTube practice practices ultimately hurt your brand in the long run. You know, when it comes to Bible secrets for YouTube creators, I don't know if there's one that's more powerful than this.

Don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. There's so many people who preach tactics about how you could maybe. Do a gimmick or do a trick to get a few subscribers and get a few views. But that's not going to help you actually build a brand where people trust you in the long term. Like ultimately, that's the only thing that you're really going to have of real value is your brand, your reputation. You know, there's another verse of proverbs for point number two twenty. Two verse one, it says a good reputation. Choose a good reputation over great riches.

I don't think there's a lot of people in today's world that actually, when given that option, would go for that. I think there's a lot of people are like good reputation, great riches. I'm going to go with the great riches, you know, like. Whereas how true is it though, that a good reputation is more valuable than great riches. Now if you really study the Bible, by the way, it does not actually prohibit the pursuit of great riches. It just. Teaches actually how to pursue them in the right way. It's not the love of money that is the root of all.

It's not money that's the root of all evil. It's the love of money that's the root of all evil. You study the teachings of Jesus and he wasn't against money, he was against money being your first priority, money owning you. He was against great riches being your primary pursuit. There's just countless verses about. A good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children. Well, how could you possibly leave an inheritance for your children's children if you don't have money in making smart investments, if you're not wise with your finances? So ultimately, this is not a prohibition of 1 or the other, it's saying the order of which they should be.

Choose a good reputation over great riches. So to me, don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. Going deeper, don't do business practices with your audience. Don't betray the trust of your audience for shortterm growth. Don't treat brand relationships and brand deal relationships that you work with. Just trying to get some quick money but sacrificing your longterm relationship or the trust with that brand. If you have customers, treat them well. If you have customers and you sell a product, have a refund policy. And honor it well. If you collaborate with people, go the extra mile.

Treat them well. Be world class in your relationships. Choose a good reputation first before great riches. The verse goes on and says being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold. Listen, silver or gold is also good, especially as a hedge against inflation right during times of recession. But ultimately having high esteem and I share this because you know our mission to think media is to double the crater economy. We want to help 10.000 thousand purpose driven people and beyond create a fulltime living doing what they love while making a difference in the world with YouTube and online video and to experience that success without losing their soul.

We are way more interested in you building a real practical longterm solid business. Rather than just experiencing a quick 15 minutes of fame and there's too many people in the crater economy, in my opinion, that again I think sacrifice the reputation for shortterm growth. So practically, I just encourage you to create content with a clear conscience. Now, I don't want this information or these principles to also sound preachy at all, because listen, this is coming out of my mistakes. Like there's been videos I've made in the early days of Think Media where I was working with a company called Fame bit and it was like a marketplace where you could do different brand deals.

And I just remember I the idea that a brand would pay me and ultimately give me a product for free and pay me some money and then I would make a video about it. The fact i just started to apply for different products and I got approved for some and then I had to follow through on making the videos. And I mean it wasn't unethical or anything that I did, but I was just like getting these brand deals for products that I really hadn't tested and I really hadn't put the time in and i was in the moment thinking about shortterm money or just shortterm.

And here's the thing, it was partly based on survival because in the early days, I'm like, I'm just hoping to make it as a solo creator, but knowing that was now a mistake and ultimately thinking longterm. That's not the brand I want to build. I want the reputation of think media to be like if Sean recommends a camera like he's going to tell me these real honest truth about it. If Sean works with a brand, he's going to be vulnerable and he won't even do a brand deal that he doesn't believe in. Like that's one of the things I coach our team now is they're thinking about brand deals.

I'm like, listen, it's not just how much money can we get, it's. Do we believe in the product? Do we believe the product will be good for our audience? Can we stand behind it? Would we stand behind it anyways? And then what are the terms of the deal? Good reputation first, silver and gold second. And so we do our best at it and have I made mistakes in as we've grown our brand when it comes to customers? Sure have I made mistakes when it comes to dealing with other collaborators or you know? Just other influencers that I've worked with or people have run it to events, of course, like I make mistakes all the time.

I think what we're talking about here is principles to strive for. If you want a lasting YouTube business, if you want to last in the greater economy, continue to work from home and build ever increasing impact as well as income from your YouTube content. Don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. Well, I hope that you are enjoying today's conversation and I wanted to let you know that if you want to go deeper with us here, I think media, one of the best ways to do that to further your online education is to take one of our free Ondemand classes. You can go to thinkmasterclass.com where we do a one hour free deep dive class into what's working on YouTube right now and how you can gain subscribers and views and income from your YouTube channel.

We have several different options. For you, but the latest video for you to watch is at thinkmasterclass.com This video is not available anywhere on YouTube. This is only exclusively for our think media community who are ready to go deeper with us. At the end of that class, we share with you an opportunity to become one of our Members inside of this movement of content creators making a difference in the world. So go to thinkmasterclass.com right now to get signed up for your free one hour YouTube ondemand class. Now let's get back into today's featured content.

Ultimately, create content with a clear conscience. In the New Testament, Hebrews 1318 says keep praying for us that we may continue to live with a clear conscience, for we desire to live honorably in all that we do. The author of the Book of Hebrews is uncertain. Some people think it's the apostle Paul. And that could be likely. Whoever was writing this letter was ultimately saying these powerful truths.

Pray that we can be able to continue to live with a clear conscience, just doing what you know to be right in your whole your heart. Just know it. Doing what you know to be right, like just being yourself. Be authentic. Be true to you. Don't try to be somebody else. Just say what you mean and do your best to live with a clear conscience and to live honorably, to stay worldclass. To be a person of your word, listen. The level of accusation, especially at the level I'm at, that will still come to you that would question your reputation, question your integrity, accuse you of clickbait, accuse you of all this other stuff. That's it's not.

To put myself on a pedestal, you don't see one leader who didn't have criticism. You don't see one biblical figure, including Jesus, who didn't have criticism. Now if he's the perfect sinless man and the God man. And not only do people criticize them, but they eventually killed him and crucified him. Then you're going to probably be accused of things, and people are going to misinterpret your actions. And they may even think that your reputation is not strong. They'll accuse you of things. But here's what I've learned over time, man. The truth comes out over time.

It's just a matter of just staying in integrity, staying world class, staying honorable. Continuing to live with a clear conscience. Don't worry about the negative comments and someone that's here or there with an opinion. The truth in the longterm comes out. You get into enough circles. Someone might say you're at a circle in an event. A man, I saw that Sean Kennel guy, can't believe it. And someone in that circle probably be like, I know actually he's a world class dude. Like, i know him personally, you know what I mean? That's my hope like and that's the kind of thing that I hear like you just eventually the truth will come out.

Doesn't matter if somebody makes a hit piece YouTube video about you like anybody of any size eventually is going to have some kind of hit piece notice. Any book you write and put on Amazon might have 10.000 thousand positive there's. Going to be a hundred negative reviews. So it's not like you could ever have a reputation that nobody accuses you of anything. That's not what this is saying. It's simply saying. Don't sacrifice your reputation for shortterm growth. Let's land the plane on number three. And then I've got kind of an outro, a couple book recommendations, one of which is the Bible and our comment of the day and all of that good stuff.

Let's hit number three. Slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame. Here's the verse. Proverbs 1311 Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will. Increase it, man. This is a powerful verse for YouTube creators because there's something about growing little by little. See, in a world where everybody wants to go viral, and by the way, that opportunity is before us right now. You have the chance to go viral. If we go back to number one, you just plant in the morning and at night, you don't know which one is going to produce fruit, maybe both. Your chances of going viral go up the more videos you post and the more you commit to getting 1 % better with every upload.

But here's why I love this is there something powerful about not worrying about going viral as much and just being consistent and growing little by little? Slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame. And what I've learned is that it's really also not just about growing a YouTube channel, but it's about. The transformation you will experience as a leader, as a person, as a creator, and as a business owner in the process. By stepping out and starting a YouTube channel, it will change you.

It will force you to learn new skills. You'll learn to communicate better. You'll be challenged as a someone to learn marketing and how to write powerful titles and how to design thumbnails and come up with video ideas and concepts that are. Attention grabbing and that add value but also stand out in the midst of the noise. You'll have to learn discipline, especially in the side hustle season because you got family and kids in school and all this other stuff going on.

So you got to really figure out how to be more disciplined, to manage your time. And so little by little you'll find yourself getting stronger. Little by little you'll find yourself getting bitter, better and. Another verse and proverbs that speaks to this is 2021 and it says an inheritance gained too early in night life will not be blessed in the end. So slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame. I proposed to you that maybe you don't want to go viral.

I might actually what if? What if it actually could be better for you and your soul to not go viral for a while? To not have explosive growth for a while why? Because an inheritance gained too early in life will not be blessed in the end, I am concerned. I'm kind of, I feel like an old guy in the crater economy now, you know? I'm coming up on my thirty ninth birthday.

I started on YouTube in 2007 with a video from my local church. That was two years after YouTube started, and now that's 15 years on YouTube. But it's giving me a unique perspective. A lot of the OG is on the platform. They're not here anymore. I've seen countless family vloggers get divorced, blow up their marriages. I mean, and they were preaching family. And I'm not coming from a judgmental standpoint. I am coming from an observational standpoint.

I've seen many young creators get a lot of money, get a lot of celebrity, get a lot of cash, get a lot of notoriety. And get into a lot of controversy why? Because an inheritance gained too early in life will not be blessed in the end. I'm all for rapid growth. I'm not trying to suggest that it wouldn't be cool for you to get massive, explosive growth overnight.

But there's something about timeless wisdom from the Bible that suggests that slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame. I know that. Even for me. And you want to talk about some of the hardest seasons of my life and being really vulnerable with you here on the podcast. Like I am a committed Christian and I and that means that if I believe the Bible should be my guidebook for life.

And over the last couple years a few years back though during the rise of the fame of think media. You know, think Media starts and there was all other kind of things happening in our life. Challenges with my wife's health, challenges with a former church I worked at. And as I'm transitioning into fulltime freelance work, eventually fulltime entrepreneurship. And as I'm hanging out in different circles, as I'm also finding that my influence on YouTube is putting me around all types of different influences.

I actually one started to drink too much and drink a lot. Like there'd be a time when. I would maybe be drinking maybe one or two beers a night, which again, by the way, you're listening to this, like, that's actually not necessarily too bad. I mean, I'm not getting drunk, but I was sometimes doing that for 100 days in a row. There might have been like not a day goes by when I wasn't drinking. You know, you start to research that you can look at just medical professionals. That's not a good idea. Like, that's not good for you. And the truth is, there were times, though, when I was drinking a lot more than two drinks.

And I was drinking too much and again this isn't coming from judgment this coming from this that's not what the Bible teaches. So I'm talking about my personal convictions now and the standard I'm trying to hold myself to and ultimately I'm now trying to numb the pain because and the pressure because we're hiring A-Team think media is growing and as if that's not enough I start to get into weed and I get to a place where I'm spending 200 to 300$ a week. On marijuana and you know probably a conversation for another time and I certainly you know let me know if you'd love to hear more about this and we could go deeper into some of this content in the comments that this is meaningful to you or if you're listening on audio leave something in the reviews.

But here's the point now sometimes I'm drinking and smoking weed, vape in whatever you know edibles. And i'm trying to deal with the pressure. I'm trying to numb the pain. I'm slipping into an addictive cycle. I'm the way I'm processing the stress, the way I'm avoiding the pressure or criticism and just feeling all of that stuff that's happening. Listen, I see this happen with a lot of craters that your PewDiePie opened up. He's like, man, I was drinking too much. Like, I can't even imagine what does he have, 100 million subscribers? Listen, an inheritance gain too early in life won't be blessed in the end.

And I'm grateful that I was as grounded as I even was during those seasons, you know, to make it through. And since then by the way is a few years back, but I've actually given up drinking entirely and I'm no longer consuming weed besides CBD products, which is whatever, non non mind altering. But ultimately I think of really powerful health benefit. Here's the point. Little by little, man, slow and steady is better than 15 minutes of fame. There's something about 15 minutes of fame where I've got a lot of empathy for all the sudden. I don't know if we were wired for all the praise and criticism that can come from going viral.

I don't know if we were wired for all the pressure and our character has to get stronger. And sometimes that is only possible by slow growth, not by growing too fast. See, I don't want. Think media to in my YouTube channel, or I don't even want my charisma or my ability to grow on YouTube to outpace my character. And so I've made decisions to be more grounded, get better friends in my life, more people around my life, and find ways to process stress.

You know, I heard Alex Hermosi at one point. He was saying just to get back to a baseline after a day of stressful work, he had to drink. Half a bottle of hard alcohol and he gave up drinking as well. What was the point? It's just real stress. I forget like the any kind of ethical moral side of it. Like the emotional side is you got to build your inner game your mind game. You got to really build your character and healthy ways of processing stress because slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame and. If I want to help you grow wealth quickly, I believe we're living in an era where you could grow it faster than our parents could, and that's an incredible blessing because of the crater economy.

But maybe if we weren't so much in a rush to gain wealth hastily, but we were more intentional about gathering it little by little over time, saving, investing, not trying to just look at the headlines of the Elon Musks. And the Jeff Bezos of the world and you probably don't even really aspire like that, but you know what I mean? Like those are just the Unicorn stories. What about the millions of other entrepreneurs that are not living that story? It's not just mister beast what about the millions of other creators who are doing, you know, thirty k a year, 58,000 thousand a year sixty two thousand a, year and then not putting yourself down for being there thinking like you need to go somewhere else? Just be disciplined with your finances, sack sock money away into retirement and invest in real estate and little by little you'll have life changing wealth without getting famous.

And so anyways slow and steady growth is better than 15 minutes of fame as we land the plane. I want to recommend some resources and truly I am curious would you like more of these? I mean I got. Probably 100 and so. This is just three, but I've been studying the Bible intensely for years and I continue to do so and commentaries around it. I was also in pastoral ministry for many years as well and so it's a book I'm passionate about. But if not then no worries. But if let me know in the comments if you watch the Think Media Podcast on YouTube or leave us a review and let me know what you thought about this episode but i want to share another verse with you in Joshua one versus seven and eight and it says this.

Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you. Do not turn from it to the right or to the left that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this book of the law always on your lips. Meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

And so I just want to encourage you, if you've enjoyed this episode, maybe you are a Bible believer, but it's been a while since you've been in your Bible. I encourage you man dive in like really maybe going to year long Bible reading plan. And of course I'm not even trying to say in this episode Sean you're using the Bible for business success. I know that's not his primary purpose, but it is applicable. To business success, it's applicable to every area of life. And wouldn't you want me to recommend the Bible over the latest Selfhelp business book, which I'm into those as well.

I just think that the Bible is the greatest and the lens through which all other material should be interpreted and evaluated. And so here's my encouragement if you are into the Bible. Dust it off, man. Dive in why? Because if you will talk about it, and if you will meditate on it, that just means if you think about it, you think about the kind of content we've been talking about in this episode, and you're careful to do what it says, then you will be prosperous and successful for any kind of critics about prosperity oh, is this the prosperity gospel? No There's only one gospel.

That's the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. There's no such thing as the prosperity gospel. I know. Here we go. There's a whole new level of controversy on the fake media podcast. All I know is this is what the book says. Man, Joshua won. Verse eight. You will be prosperous and successful. And by the way, this is not, this isn't actually really spiritual. It's not saying like God will make you prosperous and successful. It doesn't say the Holy Spirit will magically make money appear.

It says you will. Another version, another translation, says you will make your way prosperous and successful. What does that mean? You will take action. You will approach your business, your YouTube channel differently, you will find. Principles about how you should conduct yourselves in relationships, in investing, in character, in discipline. And when you do those things, when you talk about and meditate on them and you're careful to do them, then you will be prosperous and successful. That's what I've learned. It's not that you'll encounter magical circumstances.

We are all. It's going to rain on the just and the unjust we're going to all encounter. Ups and downs in life, but we have a tool called the Word of God, the Bible, that will help us be prosperous and successful as a result of following the principles. And so a couple resources. If you haven't downloaded the YouTube Bible app, you version Bible app.

It's super cool. It's not only is it free, so that's cool. You can download that app on Android or iPhone. Highly recommended the You version Bible app. And then there's also besides all the. Scriptures there to read and study. And wherever you want to start, there's some cool devotional. So if you go into like the devotionals or reading plans, I think it's what they're called. You can do reading plans.

There's some cool ones for creatives. There's some cool ones for artists, there's some cool ones for business owners. So I recommend looking at the reading plans in the u version bible app. It's all free for artists, creatives, business owners, and then anything else. I mean, right now you might. You might be single and ready to mingle, so, like, you might want to look at relationships. You might be married, like, of course, like all of that as well.

But the context of even this very podcast is business, YouTube, online business, online marketing, and then two other cool resources. There's a really great book. It's called business secrets from the Bible, spiritual success, strategies for financial abundance. It's by Rabbi Daniel lepen. He's actually an Orthodox Jew. But man, he actually really unpacks. The Old Testament was written to Hebrew. He really unpacks just powerful insights for business. And it's that is a great resource. And then there's a book called 25 Biblical laws of Success, Powerful Principles to transform your career in business by William Douglas.

And so we'll link those up in the show notes as usual. But if anything, grab that you version Bible app. Who needs to be scrolling on tik tok for three hours when you could be scrolling on the Bible? Tik tok's cool. The Bible is better. It'll probably take you to a better place. And if you find and applied to your YouTube channel, I really believe it'll help you grow. Want to shout out today the comment of the day? This is the review of the day from the Think Media Podcast by the way, if you love this podcast, it truly means the world to Heather and I, the think media team and Bora Faidian says this.

Expand your community with great guidance. I'm relatively new to the scene in the past six months and these have been great. The passion, guidance and media is very useful. This week's episode explaining looking around and seeing defeat while in a community of people who are crushing it. As we make the impossible possible through opportunity was pulled right from my head. I love it. So hey, I appreciate your kind words. Reviewing the podcast, wherever you are, if you can rate it, review it, put a star on it, you know, whatever the format is there.

But obviously one of the most meaningful places that helps get the podcast to more people is reviewing it on Apple Podcasts. If you happen to listen to it there, if you just had this episode shared with you. Then you could please subscribe on Apple Podcast or wherever you are listening and maybe there is somebody that'd be interested in this episode. Definitely share this with them. Finally, I want to leave you with Galatians 6-9 I think it's on brand for our episode of three YouTube tips from the Bible that will work for every creator.

And Galatians 6-9 says this. It says, let us not become weary and doing good for at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. You know the truth about trying to build a business, trying to build a brand, trying to do anything hard, trying to grow a YouTube channel is you're going to want to give up, you're going to want to throw in the towel, you're going to feel like it's not growing fast enough or like it's not growing. And I love this verse from the New Testament because it says don't grow weary in doing good at the proper time.

We will reap a harvest if we do not give up. There's something about the law of sowing and reaping where we plant a seed and we wish it was a full grown tree by tomorrow, but that's not how the world works. There's something about planting a seed and continuing to water it even when you haven't seen. Any life breakthrough the soil yet. And then there's something about seeing it finally sprout that first leaf, that first sign of growth, but it's nowhere near a full grown prospering tree or fruit Bush or plant providing fruit for you. That could be that season of now it's monetized now it's earning money. Now it's generating great things.

Take time and patience. It's amazing that so many people in our community have had overnight success. They really have. They've had rapid success. But that's really more the exception than the rule. What we've learned is that it's those who grow little by little and don't give up. Those are the ones that really great, get the great results. So I want to encourage you today, do not become weary and doing good for at the proper time. You will reap a harvest if you don't give up.


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