So the landscape of social media and YouTube is changing. And in this video, after 40 hours of research looking at some of the biggest data firms, marketing agencies, I've distilled down 5 essential trends and predictions that you'll want to pay attention to this year if you want to start or grow a YouTube channel. I'm also going to be talking about some of the trends that are dead or dying that you'll want to avoid because they just don't work anymore.

And we also have an announcement of a giveaway winner and a lot of cool stuff that is coming up. So let's dive straight into it. We're talking about 5 YouTube trends and strategies for 2023 and a couple quotes here to kick it off. Hubspot said that video has the highest ROI of any media format by far. So the overarching theme, this isn't a trend yet is video is king and that's what the data is showing us.

In fact, Adobe said the average user now watches 19 hours of video content every single week. So my question for you is what do you think the biggest social media platform of 2023 is going to be? Do you think it's going to be YouTube? Do you think it's going to be tik, tok instagram? Pinterest is on the rise. Let me know. But number one out of our five trends is go all in on vertical video.

There's a pretty wide consensus that short form video will see the most growth in 2023 Adobe says that short phone, short form video accounts for 80 % of all mobile data traffic right now. So what are people doing on their phones? They're watching vertical videos. Youtube shorts now have 1 5 billion monthly active users and see more than 30 billion daily views, which is wild. And so here's some of the advantages of short form video.

And let me know, have you already started creating short form video? Have you uploaded a YouTube short yet? Are you posting vertical videos on other platforms? One of the powerful things about short form videos, you can create more content. In less time, it's easier to create a vertical video in the constraints of 60 seconds as a time limit. You could do it just using your phone and therefore you can get more content out into the world, which is kind of like more at bats.

More chances of getting views, more chances of going viral, more chances of getting discovered. You also viewers are more likely to engage. Attention spans have been shortening and so a lot of people are intimidated of making a huge commitment by engaging in a longer form video. Once they maybe discover you start to develop some no like and trust with you, then maybe there's a deeper level that could happen. But short form video, it gets you more engagement and even the discoverability of new followers. You also get distribution across multiple platforms. Of course, this video is all about YouTube trends, but you can create a vertical video as a YouTube short.

But why not use that everywhere? In fact, I want to share a powerful example of my friend and real estate investor Anton Stetner. So Anton has known he needed to create content for a long time, but he was intimidated by the. Challenges of getting a fancy camera getting a fancy mic video editing and all of the above but vertical video really gave him the opportunity to get in the game and the results have been amazing in a really short time. So he started to shoot. These kind of vertical videos. He does have someone helping him edit them because he is a business owner.

And he's doing real estate deals and flips and all kinds of different stuff. And so he's posting these on Instagram, but then he's also posting these on YouTube shorts and he's posting these over on tik tok and the same ones by the way he's posting on Facebook. So I looked it up and as relatively a new kid on the block when it comes to social media, I looked to see what kind of results was he getting from these platforms. Where as most viewed YouTube short got 2000 views, he got a 7000 views on a Facebook reel. By the way, Facebook reels are blowing up. He got a hundred and sixty four thousand views on a tik tok and he got 2 7 views on Instagram.

And I want to encourage you, not all views are equal because tik tok was the clear winner and views. It doesn't necessarily mean it was the clear winner and the quality of audience, because maybe his Instagram following, his Facebook falling is leading to more deals. The point is this. He's simply committed to grabbing his phone. No mic, no accessories, just his smartphone. He has someone in the office hold it, he puts it in a tripod, or he just go selfie.

And he just punched fear in the face and he pressed record and started shooting a vertical video. And then he distributed it across platform and I said how's it going? He's like it's already unreal. The business, the awareness, the growth, the viewership. And I encourage you in 2023 do not ignore short form video. Recently Gary Vaynerchuk spoke at our event called Grow with Video Live and he said short form is the gateway to long form. This goes back to that idea that you creating short form video is a chance to get discovered and as someone, someone's interest is piqued by your content. They might dig deeper. They discover your video podcast.

Eventually they discover your YouTube channel. Short form is the gateway to long form from us. Posting YouTube shorts on think Media really is not even a primary strategy, but we're trying to post 2 YouTube shorts a week. In the last year we grew thirty four thousand two hundred subscribers from YouTube shorts. In your YouTube analytics, you can now categorize and separate out your main videos from your live streams from your shorts to attribute the views, the growth, the revenue all related to YouTube shorts and.

As you may have heard that in 2023 February monetization is rolling out to you as a creator, 45 % of ad revenue that's going to be dropped on us as YouTube creators. And so a whole nother ever new stream is opening up in this arena as well. So there's growth opportunities, discoverability opportunities and the kinds of vertical videos we're making. We're posting other places. So if you're on tik tok, we'd love to connect think Media official on tik tok and we're doing the same thing Anton's doing by posting.

Across multiple platforms, because trend number one is you got to go all in on vertical video. Now, one of the YouTube employees called this snackable content as well. And this is a strategy that I encourage you to lean in on for 2023 and it's the Cinnabon strategy. Do you love Cinnabon? Let me know. I mean, come on, it's the holidays of the time of recording this. And so this is what I really think that a good social media mix looks like in 2023 Is it only about vertical video? No is it only about long form video? No, it's really not either or it's both.

And so as we study these cinnabons here, here's what we have. We've got our Cinnabon classic role. That's the big one, that's like your long form content on YouTube. You've also got the center of the roll right there on the right side. That's like a clip from one of your long form videos. In our case, might be a video podcast, 40 minutes, the clip is 7 minutes. It'd still be a landscape video, but it's a clip from a longer form video. Then you've got your mini bonds, right and so those are going to be your snackable and there's the maybe sixty second vertical videos.

But you also want to have some bond bites. Come on, can I get a like button press for the bond bites that remember, just cause you have 60 seconds in a short doesn't mean you need to use all 60 seconds and people's attention spans are shorter than ever before. In fact, the bond bites are really all about understanding the 8 second rule. And so a power tip under trend number one is realizing that yeah, just cause you got 60 seconds on vertical videos doesn't mean you need to use 60 seconds on vertical videos. A lot of people love to engage with something that's creative, that's super brief.

And so I challenge you try to do some vertical videos that tell a story, make a point, give a very quick tip or just kind of you've seen it, maybe some trending music. You could point to some different things and you could get a lot done in a little time as you begin to study the art form of short form video, the Cinnabon strategy, dropping some bomb bites. Snackable content on social and so here's the final point under number one, and that is master the eight second mindset. And here's what we've learned. Consumers today are continuously scanning information, content and messaging that are instantly understood as clear, relevant and interesting. Will capture attention and any brand information or messaging that is confusing.

Complicated or boring will quickly be ignored, and so the eight second mindset is interesting and there's actually an 8 second rule and UI Website Designers understand this rule that if you can't engage the viewer quickly, you'll lose them. They'll bounce off the site. This is true for your videos, but listen to the stat. A study showed that one second of lag, one second of lag in Amazon's runtime could cost them one point six billion. Dollars in sales. Think about that like if their website is not perfectly optimized and you're on the page and it lags on the page doesn't load for one second.

That could be attributed to someone bouncing. I'm going to buy it elsewhere. I'm not going to make the purchase. That is how short people's attention spans. And that correlates it to a dollar figure. But how much more important that you're thoughtful about valuing the viewers attention, delivering value in your content. You want to be brief, be bright, be fun and be done. You got to master the eight second mindset. And what's wild is Time magazine actually revealed in another study that our attention spans have dropped 4 seconds in the past few years.

So this is where the eight second mindset came from. So here's a couple tips. That you can apply in 2023 One is people are not interested in short or long intros. I'm sorry bro, I got to apologize but nobody cares about your intro, OK Like, I don't know about you know, people like, oh, I got the cool B roll shot. I'm popping off the spot I hired. I got a little B roll slow motion bum bum dum dum. Dude, nobody cares about your intro. Like get to the point. Like start the video. Especially if your intro is like 30 seconds. Sis, give me a break.

I'm trying to get to the content and so anyways, I like people are not interested in really intros at all. I think media, we do have an intro, it's 1 and a half seconds. It sounds like this. You got to just press record. That's it. Like you got to just press record. Camera click, logo pops up if you're going to do an intro. It's like a branded auditory intro.

That's why I encourage you, intros are not a 2023 power strategy. See if you can cut those. Let's talk more. Action number two trim the fluff number three b. Roll angle changes, scene changes, reset attention. You kind of want to be resetting attention every eight seconds, right? Something's changing. There's something happening so that you can keep the viewer engaged. You want to choose. Clear over clever and you want to evoke emotion in your content. So we're going to get to the second strategy, but I'm excited because we have been doing a giveaway and the winner has been drawn. And congratulations to Eugene from Florida. You just responded back to Mel on our team.

We did a whole YouTube studio giveaway. Thank you for everybody who entered. And if you didn't win, I've got some cool news of something we're doing in 2023 It's called the 1000 Subs Club. If you want to get your first or next a thousand subscribers, it's entirely free to join, and we're actually going to be doing giveaways consistently all year long. Of cameras tech. There's going you can instantly get our seven seas of YouTube success framework as a download are your YouTube money plan downloaded to PDF entirely free and in as little as 5 minutes a week? We're just going to be delivering high value YouTube strategy and tips to your inbox.

To register, just go to 1000 Subs But that is where our next giveaway is taking place. And super excited about how myself and the think media team are rallying around this to just add massive value to you for free in 2023 But let's get into number. Two embrace artificial intelligence. Are you already over it? Are you already over the lens of people showing like these? You know they're buff shots. They're a superhero on Instagram. Did you join the trend? Here's the thing. Artificial intelligence is here to stay. And it's kind of scary, and it's going to be a big deal.

And the second trend is really embracing artificial intelligence. Content creators that ignore AI tools are going to get left behind. This is a fact. In fact, let me just show you something. One of the tools that's spreading right now is free. It's called chat g p t. And if you go to chat. Dot open a i dot com you can actually see this tool. Well, let's just look at what you can do with this tool. So I wrote a little line of text here and I said write a script for a YouTube video comparing the Canon m to the sony z v one in a chatty voice.

So as I hit this now, the a I on this tool is writing me a YouTube script. I'll read it to you. Hey guys, so today we're going to be comparing 2 popular vlogging cameras, the Canon m and the sony z v. One first, let's talk about the Canon m this. Camera has a twenty four point one megapixel a p. S c CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 8 image processor, which means it's capable of capturing high quality photos and videos. It also has a flip up touchscreen, which is great for vlogging as it allows you to easily see yourself when filming.

Are you scared yet? Here's the thing, on the other hand, the CD1 is a 20 1 megapixel CMOS sensor and it has a bionics X image processor and so you can see it writes this whole script for me. Now you also might be like okay, was that just generic? Watch this. I can add more text to the script if it's not long enough. Here it goes. Sure, here's some additional text.

One thing to consider with the m fifty is that it has a longer battery life than the Sony's e. V one with the rated battery life of 234 shots to Sony's 220 shots. What are we talking about, number one a I is going to be a big deal number two. My prediction is we probably only have 60 to 90 days before the machines kill us and we need John Connor to like come back and get rescued by Arnold Schwarzenegger because it's all over in short order based on some of the things we're seeing with a I.

But as we go back to this tool this, the key here is that as I've studied this number one, it's really good number two it's not perfect. When I was doing this yesterday I saw the Z V1 and it said it had a popup viewfinder. It's actually not true. So sometimes you have to of course, edit the work. You're still going to need a human there. There's certain conclusions that may make that are wrong. So those who just do a I without massaging it, polishing it, it's still a little quirky, but the reality here is that this can save you massive time, right? And so when you ultimately start to consider how? You can integrate a I into your workflow and it's not just chat g p t there is a lot of wild things that are happening in a I and so one of our favorite tools that I Q, they have an A I title generator that are quickly help you write titles.

You can write a I descriptions that's in beta that's coming out right soon. Adobe premiere has color match and morph cut and that's just the tip of the iceberg there's probably. Twenty thirty forty fifty sixty different a I features inside of the Adobe suite things that'll just with a I clean up your audio friends. A I is going to give you speed. It's going to help write the bones of your script that you add to a I is going to edit videos and maybe not to the level of Pro video editors, but if you look at something like G lacloud you can see that you could just upload like. Social media posts and different things, and it turns it into a video for you.

And then there's a I voice over. And so there's tools that will actually take a script and then give you the voice over and it sounds like a Dang human. It's getting a little scary. So picture this a I can design your thumbnails, write your script, do the voice over of your script, write the description of your YouTube video, write the title of your YouTube video, and edit the video for you. Are you even necessary anymore? Right, and so this is this is here to stay and I think I would get educated on this.

The practicality is to learn about this and to consider which of these tools can you integrate into your workflow in a 2023 world. Now I saw a tweet that said a I will never replace content creators, but there are a I tools that can supercharge your content creation process. So the way that I think about it is that you're really like the conductor and as a business owner you got to be thinking will a I replace team members on your team? It might if they don't adapt.

And it's not that the A I can completely replace them. It's actually that you should expect their productivity to go up because the team member should be using tools to help them go faster. If they can take what normally takes 20 minutes to write a description for a YouTube video and use that I Q's description tool to in one minute, not even one minute 20 seconds.

Generate it and then just edit it in another minute. They just shaved 18 minutes off the time it took to do that task. And every single one of us is going to need to apply this, whether we're solo creator or whether we are working with teams. A I is definitely here to stay. But like the conductor of an orchestra, you still see you need somebody that has the vision, somebody that can put all the parts together, somebody that can discern that, okay.

You upload your photos in the lens, you get 100 or 200 things back. There's only seven of those that actually look like you. Like I had some weird ones with like some weird fingers and like my eyes are going all over the place. You need someone to actually just be the filter, be the conductor of all the various pieces, whether human, robot, or otherwise. Smashed like for the machines destroying us in about 30 days. But number three out of our five trends is start your video podcast.

It's a major trend in 2023 has been a trend that we've been observing closely here at think media. And if you saw this article, YouTube was named the world's most popular podcast platform. A new report actually revealed that YouTube. Is the most popular podcast streaming platform boasting the largest listeners in the world with four million podcast. And so YouTube is actually bigger than Apple Podcast and Spotify in team in terms of people listening to podcast.

And this shouldn't be a surprise because if you think about shows like impulsive, the PVD podcast, drink Champs I Justine Same brain show like these Youtubers are so massive. Lewis, how school of greatness and people are listening to these podcasts on YouTube. Sure, audio is big as well, but here's the power of video podcast. You get both right? The power is the fact that you can actually record a video podcast and then distribute it across the audio platforms.

And so when we look at if you didn't notice this as well, youtube dot com forward slash podcast. So you can see that YouTube is investing in this. In fact, they actually hired a podcast executive. They've offered some podcaster podcasters and networks 50 to thirty thousand dollars to create videos. So they're getting popular podcasts to transition from just audio to videos. They've discussed audio ads and new analytics for audio centric creators. They may ingest RSS feeds. And then they've also partnered with NPR to bring 20 plus of its most popular shows. And then when you look at just the growth in audio, so podcast growth projections between twenty three twenty four, it's going from at the end of 2022 there's about 88 million podcast listeners.

That's going to go to 100 million. And this is just looking at audio. In fact, a lot of people are having trouble tying this together. Like we I think media, we say video podcast and like what even is that bro what is a video podcast? I mean I thought a podcast was an audio. You're like yeah it is. But like we're you turn the camera on and it's also on YouTube. Yeah but it's a podcast. Like it's I'd say Amazon Alexa, give me my podcast. You know what I mean? Like it's. And so some people are in the mindset of it's just like an audio experience and then some people don't even understand what's happening with all these YouTuber shows, H3H3 and that it's this massive influential thing.

Your opportunity is to marry the 2A video podcast, right? And you know, if you want more help on that or just to even look at some of the things that we've been doing at think Media, we launched a podcast called The Think Media Podcast and I Think we're going into our third year. So we've made a lot of mistakes. We've learned some lessons and we're sharing those with you so if you haven't subscribed. I want to encourage you all 2023 We're going to be bringing you the best content ever. Take Media Podcast on YouTube and we'll link that up in the show notes.

But also, if you're loving Spotify or Apple Effect, pull here. Whether you're here live or if you're watching this on the replay, hit me with a replay fam and let me know. Do you listen to podcasts? And where are you a Spotify person? Google apple or are you listening to your podcast on YouTube? And let's jump into trend number four the return. Of search based content and video SEO This is interesting because honestly SEO never left, but I've been excited because it kind of got forgotten about right? Especially like in the YouTube community.

There's no doubt about it that like suggested videos, browse features. The virality of YouTube is really not search based however. And a lot of people missed out on the search base opportunities by like over correcting and throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But what's fascinating is there's some new trends and some new data that is just showing us how important search based content is. And this is one of the biggest trends and predictions for YouTube in 2023 So 68 % of online experiences begin with a search engine.

Think about that. Youtube is the second largest search engine. Google is the first K secondly, I know there's a lot of creators that maybe have better websites they have like they do their YouTube videos, they embedded on a blog. They've got like these built out websites that is not think media. It's something that we've been working on. But we do not really even have a website like, I mean I've got my Sean website. It's we have think it just redirects to our YouTube page.

We are excited to launch a website but we do not have one yet. And I say that to illustrate this 2 million 900 and ninety six three hundred and thirty views is how many views we got on Think Media YouTube channel in 2022 from Google. Sean, what are you saying? What I'm trying to say is we got like 55 million views this year, but three million of them did not even come from YouTube search.

They actually came from Google search. Now, I'm not one to shake sticks, but that's worth shaking a stick at. What are we saying? Like Dad jokes just in the middle of not even a joke. That's a lot of views. And so remember that, your YouTube content. Can be findable in search engines, and Google and YouTube love to communicate and talk to each other. We'll be going deeper on this year on the channel, but don't underestimate the power of chapters, the power of time codes and the search ability.

Do you know that key moments rank on the first page of Google? And so you being thoughtful about learning how to write SEO copy, meaning text, titles, descriptions, chapters even more important and optimizing your content for discoverability. Is a huge deal. Here's a couple tips. Tap into voice search. Listen to this. Businesses are responding by changing how they frame information to answer readers questions based on intent. Creators are opting for more conversational question and answer formats.

This way, when consumers use voice search, they get high quality and accurate responses more. Quickly, wow. And so voice search is a major trend that's happening. I don't know if you've seen I'm talking to my Apple remote every night. You should be talking to your wife, Sean. Listen, literally, i got my apple remote, and I and i'm dictating things in search to my TV Through my Apple TV to my TV my smart TV as I watch YouTube by myself, with my wife, with my son, we're using voice search.

And so search is evolving. That's why we're saying this trend is that search is back, but it's different. You got to know the new rules of ranking right in 2023 You also want to be writing for people before search engines where people get mistaken as they say what is the value of YouTube tags? There's not a lot of value there. What is the value of you know, over optimizing your video? The optimization of all the text elements and all you know, whether it's description, titles are pretty big deal, but like tags and all that kind of stuff.

No that's like, that's not the overemphasis. They still miss the fact that you could never stop being a search engine. What you say in your video, the caption file and of course the content itself, the key for search is that you're ultimately writing though for people before search engines. You're writing how people speak. You're realizing there's people on the other side, not robots, although there could be, because of all this. A I stuff.

And then here's a big one for ranking in 2023 You want to become the authority on a topic. Authority matters. You want to strive to be the best resource for whatever topic you're discussing. This is a reason to niche down. I know having a niche or niche gets, you know, criticism. Oh be it, you know, be a free spirit. Talk about variety content. You don't need a niche on YouTube. That's fine. But Google loves authorities. They love people who go deep on something, and that's part of ranking. So there is channel authority on YouTube, meaning you are a resource on a topic you're discussing. If you spread yourself too thin, I would argue, how can you even be that good at that many things? Let's go deeper in mastery of something specific.

And not spread ourselves too thin in too many categories. That'll help you in terms of channel authority, and that's true for websites as well as it comes to become the authority on a topic. And then on YouTube, of course, focus on Ctr. And AVD. Those are your biggest ranking factors. It's still going to be click through rate. And then it's going to be, can you get someone to click on your video and how long can you keep them watching? And we'll talk about that stuff more in the future.

But, you know, in terms of authority as well, by the way, 79 % of consumers care about content trustworthiness. So building trust is going to be a whole nother theme. By the way, dropping in a couple weeks on our podcast, I actually have 13 trends, but i covered the top five on this episode. And one of those is the importance of trust. There's a lot of mistrust out there from clickbait. People promoting different brands that have turned out to be not the best people or scams or frauds and their brand deals.

A lot of you know people wondering who they can trust trustworthiness. Consumers care. Viewers care about your brand, your reputation, but also taking the time to do research, not just fake news or fast news that blast the headline before someone's done their due diligence. You want your YouTube channel, you want your website you want your brand to be trustworthy and that's going to assist you when it comes to search engine optimization, SEO So the creator who understands the viewers problems and ambitions best will win in 2023 And how does this relate to SEO This relates in the sense of when you're creating content search based, what is the viewer searching for? What are their problems? What are their ambitions? What are they aspiring to do? What are they inspiring to build? What are they inspiring to learn? What are they inspiring to aspiring to watch? And the word we use here at think media, even more than search based content, the better language I think is intent based content when you understand the intent.

Of audiences. The intent of viewers. And you craft your content strategically to serve that intent, to serve what it is they're seeking to solve or seeking to achieve. Let's get in number five so number. Five and then remember, I've got the dying trends. I'm can't even wait to talk about those in just a second with you. But number five is be vocal about your values now. This one surprised me. This one surprised me.

This might surprise you as well. Be vocal about your values, Sean. What does that mean? Well, here's what HubSpot discovered. They discovered that 30 % of marketers are currently creating content that reflects their brands values, making it the third most popular trend right now. So this is pretty wild. So I studied HubSpot and Hootsweet and Adobe and all these different people predicting trends and this one kind of shocked me. I was like, okay, because even here I think media, we've been more vocal about our values. I want to encourage you. One of the trends we're seeing is people want to know where you stand. People want to know what you support, people want to know what you care about.

And it's less about just supporting a product. In fact, check out this quote from the Vice President of paid social at jellyfish. He said this consumers are expecting brands to stand for something beyond just the product. A huge trend I'm predicting and the data is supporting it. Is that the YouTube creators and the entrepreneurs on YouTube that really win don't just create informational content or don't just create entertaining content, but they're going to weave in their values and they're going to be vocal about their values.

So let me ask you a question. What is your mission? What is your vision? What are your values for your YouTube channel? What is in 2023 Like? What is? Your values in mission and vision. Here's one of our values that think media selfeducation and lifelong learning. We love the gym Rome quote that says formal education will make you a living, but Selfeducation will make you a fortune. And that's what think media is all about. We're an education company. We want to give you valuable free resources and we believe that actually the best information in the world right now. For most professions, there's like 10 professions that you should go to university or college for.

But besides those, college and university can't keep up with YouTube content, with online courses, with people like you in the trenches delivering information real time with how fast the internet's going, you can't put it in a textbook. This is the learning revolution. The elearning industry is going to be a billion dollar a day industry. By like 2025 And that just exploded after the pandemic. So one of our values is this empowering movement of taking our learning and our skill development into our own hands. Another one of our values that think media is generosity. It's one of our core values. We see so much greed on social media and we want to see more generosity.

And so partly that is us being like generous with our time and our money and our energy. Being generous with our free content, but it's also about actually being generous with our money. And for example, like one of the organizations we support that also aligns with our values is Compassion International. And this is very intentional because there's a lot of great organizations out there. I'm curious, you know, what organizations do you love? But one of the reasons we support Compassion International, a hundred and one children per month is because it's a Christ centered, church driven.

Child focused nonprofit that's really making a difference by partnering with local churches so that they don't just come in with like a Western influence, but they partner with local churches in these communities so that people get love education, healthcare, nutrition and opportunities to hear the gospel. That's us actually taking what we believe and our values and then putting our money where our mouth is. I want to encourage you to be more vocal about your values, but also to really stand for something that is very intentional for us in terms of again what we care about here at think media.

So what are the some what are the things that move you and our vision here at think Media is to help 10.000 thousand purpose driven people create a fulltime living while making a difference in the world with YouTube and online video and as I share this next part, I would challenge you. What makes you different than another YouTube channel? What makes you different? In business, this is called a USP It's a unique selling proposition. There's a lot of great people out there that are teaching YouTube and they're teaching online video or teaching tech, but they don't have the same mission and values as us.

Now, I'm not here to say whether the mission or values are right or wrong. I'm just telling you what ours are right I'm being vocal about my values to maybe give you some handles and even frameworks that you could be more thoughtful about this in 2023 This isn't to think media thing, this is what brands are doing. Like this is going to become what's normal and if you don't jump on this trend, I think you're going to be in trouble because people want to know where you're stand. So it's really not that we just want to help people on YouTube and make that fulltime living and learn these skills, but here's the most important part of our vision statement.

Helping them build the character and lifestyle that will sustain true success without losing your soul. So why is that so important to us? Well, when it really comes to social media, this world that we love, as I do some research, many people who have found fame with social media, tik, tok, youtubers content creators, they're struggling with mental health issues. Burnout has affected generations of media, social media, creators now. People been leaving the platform, a lot of creators that reach success end up feeling depressed and discouraged. And a lot of content creators that jump into this thing discover that they have huge skill gaps in leadership, emotional intelligence, money management, character development.

And the results is that the pressure of being a successful content creator is it breaks up marriages, it shatters people's mental health. It leaves them stuck, sometimes worse than when they started. So we're not a company that is like, oh, social media is bad. I've seen the social development on Netflix. I understand its challenges as a parent and as a father. I'm thoughtful about social media. The social media is like money. It's morally neutral. It takes on the morality of the user. That's why we're so passionate about helping purpose driven people succeed on YouTube.

Build a massive following, build wealth, but experience that success without losing their soul. And so many people climb to the top of the mountain realizing they didn't have the character to actually help them survive with the lack of oxygen up there. They don't have the fortitude in their soul and in their spirit. And what good is it to have built the biggest YouTube channel but blown up your family, right? When I think about some of my personal values that I want to live out on social media and our team stands behind, this family is one of our values.

What are your values? Are you being vocal about them? If I personally get the applause of the crowd but lose the love of my children, dude, I failed. And some people are like, no, dude, just blow up your YouTube channel, man. It's just about the money, just about the cars, just about the growth. That's not our values. That is not who we are. Family is a value. Like, if I ultimately grow my clout bigger than my character, I've failed. And so our passion is to help people crush it with social media, but not experience success and lose their soul in the process. 2022 really taught us too, that if I betray my community, that's you for a brand sponsorship I don't believe in or that's a scam I've failed and I know that people can make mistakes, and I'm grateful for people that take ownership, whether it's the FTX stuff.

Or the titles one and these different things. I realize stuff's going to happen, but unfortunately we're just seeing so much of A lacking of integrity in the influencer space. This is not preaching from a predestal. These are our ambitions and our ideals and our values that think media, I'm challenging you. Are you being vocal about your values? That's a big trend and I think it's something to take note of. All right? If you can get value out of the stream, hit like. And let's talk about which trends are dying, and we'll dive into this. Here's some trends that I think are dying or dead in 2023 we touched on this long intros and possibly all intros.

Dude, I don't need your intro okay? Nobody does get to the point. Trim the fluff, valueless vlogs. I think it's going to be hard to succeed vlogging in 2023 And you can check out a video in our library that Nolan and Omar did. I'm not saying vlogging is dying. It isn't. But valueless vlogs that don't have a value proposition is huge over using clickbait. Clickbait's a tough one, but I really think that over using clickbait you're just going to erode trust with your audience. Clickbait I think can be done ethically and positively. Simply meaning you go bro like that's clickbait.

It like really is a sensational title and thumbnail, but if the video delivers on it, then it technically wasn't clickbait. If you baited the click, that actually is a good thing. What clickbait insinuates is that you made a promise and you didn't deliver. What I think we're trying to see here is like some ancient wisdom from Jesus, right? Where one of my favorite, I think like the number one business principle of all time was stated and summed up by Jesus and he just said, let your yes be yes and your no be no.

Like just. Be a person of your word. Like if you promise something in your YouTube title, who would have thought Jesus would have been coaching us on YouTube? If you make a promise in your YouTube title delivered in the video, if you don't deliver it in the video, don't make a promise in the YouTube title if you make a promise in the thumbnail delivered in the video. So I think that if you overuse clickbait, I do think you should make great thumbnails that get people to click and you should write incredible titles that like, ooh, I got to click that. But the key, right of course is building that integrity in that brand.

I know we make mistakes that think media and sometimes we might push it. We we're trying. But literally had a conversation today with Brian on our team and I was like we I was looking at a short and I was looking at the title and I was like this is this aligned. This is a really good title. The content does not deliver on it. We got to change the title. And so it's this is a journey, right? It's about progress, not perfection. But i think that over using clickbait and only sensational channels are going to suffer in 2023 Creators endorsing scam products.

I think that there's going to be a new standard and I think what 2022 taught us was just to be a lot more thoughtful because of obviously FTX is a pretty remarkable story. It's pretty wild. It's going to be a really good Netflix special. Ultimately, and it's still playing out and again I think a lot of creators that endorsed it try their best to do due diligence. They had lawyers review stuff and so you never necessarily know what's happening behind. But you know one of my favorite channels, clear value tax, even talked about he's like they kept hitting me up, like trying to pay me more and more and more money and I refused because I really looked a behind at the business model and I was like, I just can't get behind this is one of the things we just talked about at our leadership retreat.

I think media was like, listen, we brand deals have to pass pass through the filter at Think media of a couple things. Number one, is it actually a phenomenal product? Two, do we actually love it, use it and have tested it and verified that it's great. 3, Then do we even like the terms of the deal and is that reasonable? And then four will actually make content about that. And so I think that another level of integrity and brand sponsorships is a big deal. And I'm curious for you, what trends do you think are dying or dead when it comes to YouTube and a couple other marketing or social media trends that this might pick a fight? I didn't.

I didn't come here to pick a fight with you, but you might be mad at this one. I think n f t ‘s are going to be kind of a dying trend in 2023 You mad bro. Listen, I'm not saying n f t ‘s are dead, I own n f t ‘s i just don't think. We're going to see the hype of it and there's an incredible special that coffee Zilla is doing on Logan Paul Cryptozoo right now.

It's amazing if you haven't seen it. And I think that there's just been, again, there's been so much like greed and lack of integrity in it that has been harmful. And then I think that maybe recessionary times, the different things. I just think n f t ‘s are going to suffer. Let me know what you think. I don't think anything. N f t ‘s are a thing of the past. I actually think they're here to stay.

I don't go to the extreme. They are the future non fungible tokens you know contracts, smart contracts. I just think like the just the kind of just the artwork being worth six hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars. We'll see where it all plays out. Anyways, I don't think it's going to be big in 2023 Celebrity endorsements on social media. I got these from HubSpot and this would just be like a list celebrities on social media. We saw the same thing there. Clearly Kim Kardashian doesn't use the product. She was just paid to do it. You know, clearly this celebrity doesn't use it. I think that there's going to be less effectiveness when it comes to those celebrity endorsements.

Let me know what you think. The meta verse someone said Gary Vee coming for Sean. I own be friends man. So i'm buying hold I own Tykes for my friend Ryan Pineda I think and I those are two individuals too that i stand by I know them I know Ryan better. I know Gary Moore from a distance. I believe in the individual and so I will also bet on projects I'll even buy n f t ‘s this year. I'm just telling you I just don't think it's going to be.

Very publicly popular or have anywhere near the momentum metaverse. Okay, we're throwing blows. I don't think that in 2023 the Metaverse is going to blow up. I know it's a thing. I think it's a legit niche. If you had a YouTube channel, that's all Metaverse, you know, the question is how many users are there? How much interest is there? If you can educate, teach on it, so on and so forth. There's opportunities in a lot of places. I just don't think this is its year. Do you, have you been in the metaverse would be a good question for you.

Audio chat rooms. It's sad because I remember the clubhouse era. Do you remember that when clubhouse hit and it was the pandemic and you got your secret code? There was literally a time my wife and I were walking in the park and she was pregnant and I had one earbud in on the side opposite that we were walking by and she was walking next to me to stay in a room because the energy around clubhouse was like, you can't miss stuff. And I might get invited to the stage.

So she caught me. She's like, are you listening to clubhouse right now? This was the first time she caught me hiding in the garage. Like listening at clubhouse. My ears yeah we're in counseling. So ultimately I don't think audio chat rooms, though I know Twitter space is i we'll see what happens. But I just think that it's a dying trend. I'm curious. You're and these are all from HubSpot. So email them and chat them. And these are a few ones over produced content and I think that's an interesting one that we're seeing overly curated content. People are saying for sure, you know, what do people want? They want real, they want raw and even more like behind the scenes like overly polished Instagram image versus real life Instagram image.

I do think there's something about relatability, authenticity, vulnerability. And as a reminder, I'm excited to unpack some of these themes. In an upcoming Think Media Podcast, which is our second channel, if you're not subscribed to that yet. And so these are some of the dying trends in 2023 that HubSpot came up with and I'm curious which ones you think are going to die or are dying? But if you got value out of this video, hit like and click or tap the screen because I did. A video on four of the biggest lessons I learned from studying top YouTube creators is a very valuable video that'll help you grow on YouTube in 2023 And so thanks for being here for this one subscribe if you're not, subscribe.

My name is Sean Cannell Rhymes with YouTube channel smash like and I will see you in a future video.


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