Gary Vee :
A lot of people don't grow because they want money to buy things. A lot of people's businesses don't grow because they want the business to give them money so they can get a Corvette. This is back to you've got to find the thing you like, because if you're building a brand or your thing to buy the yacht, you're not going to build a very big thing. So for me, this thing that we're talking about, I don't want the things that come from being the best entrepreneur in the world. I just want to be the best entrepreneur in the world.

Speaker 1 :
A s content creators in this day and age, it is critical that we have the pulse on what's actually happening in this world. When it comes to social media, Youtube When it comes to scaling your business, how do you actually get out there and make content that people want to hear? In today's episode, we're going to be diving into some exclusive content that we had at our annual event, grow with video live, where Sean Cannell and Gary Vaynerchuk sat down to discuss things. Like how social media and Youtube are changing, how tik tok is gunning for everyone right now, and why short form video is critical for your content strategy right now. I want to welcome you to the Think Media podcast. My name's Heather Torres, the host of this show here at Think Media where we want to help you grow your influence using video and then turn that influence into a high impact and. A high income online business, if you're new to the podcast family, we want to welcome you and ask you subscribe wherever you're consuming this content, whether it be the audio version or over on our Think Media podcast YouTube channel where we have exclusive content just for you over there. So make sure you're subscribed and every single Tuesday you'll get a brand new upload. Plus on our YouTube channel we have additional videos and content like our industry expert friends that come and teach as well as. Form and other long form videos that you don't want to miss, so make sure you're subscribed wherever you're consuming this content. Now today's episode is special to me because this is someone who I have personally been following and seeing his career explode over the last probably decade when it comes to the online space. This is Gary Vaynerchuk. He was one of our keynote speakers. At grow with video Live 2022 now, if you're unfamiliar with Gary Vaynerchuk, he's actually a serial entrepreneur and he serves as the chairman of Vayner X. He's the CEO of Vaynermedia and the creator and CEO of V Friends. Gary is a New York Times bestselling author of books like Crush it, the Thank You Economy, jab, Right Hook, and his latest book 12 and a half. From starting his first YouTube channel in the basement of his father's liquor store to creating a massive online following of over 40 million people across all the platforms of YouTube, tik, tok, instagram linkedin and facebook, Gary's actually one of the leading experts in online marketing helping entrepreneurs like you learn how to get attention online. So this is an exclusive conversation between Sean Kennell and Gary Vaynerchuk that they had at grow with video live. And I do need to say a disclaimer. Normally we are a very familyfriendly. Actually we are a familyfriendly podcast. But if you know anything about Gary Vee, you know that he definitely is abrasive in his language. So if you've got little ones around, this would be the episode where you plug in those earbuds. This is not something I personally would play in the car around my kids unless they are age appropriate for the language used in this. I believe that everyone can create content however they'd like, but we just want to make sure that you know. That this is familyfriendly here at think media. Now Gary Vaynerchuk is going to be talking about social media in this context and he actually did a talk at growth Video where he dove into just the content strategy that you should be having right now. So this is an extension of that talk that he gave that Sean got to really go deeper in some of the topics. I'm excited for you to jump into this. I'll meet you on the other side of the content, lean in, think media fam and here you go with Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vee :
That's rock and. Roll hey, couple questions from the man. Vaynermedia, you're in touch with what's happening. And one of the things that Susan, the CEO of YouTube, put in the letter at the beginning of the year was that YouTube is talking about integrating n f t ‘s. One of the things that they put out there, who knows if they'll execute? Do you have any thoughts about that and should creators be waiting for that? I mean, what would your advice be? And do you think they're going to execute that? Well, I'm not sure in the last part because there's a million things going to that I have no clue on. I think on the first part, you understand that last thing I ended with or right before I ended like people really like again, for the youngsters, this may sound crazy. People really thought the Internet was a fad, like, actually, right and. I thought everybody would have a website and every company, and they did. Social media really was weird. Like people really didn't want it to happen. They thought it was awkward. They thought it was stupid. They thought it was for just kids. It's most people have a social network, right, that they're involved in. There's not a business on Earth that's not going to have NFT infrastructure. It doesn't make any sense. It's technology right now. Everyone's too fascinated on the art and the collectibles part. That's a tiny thing. Everyone's focused on the art and collectibles with a hint of utility, like I just did with becon. The NFT is a ticket. It's going to flip its utilities with a hint of collectibility. Everyone of Delta, you know your ticket. That might be worth 3$ because it has some artist on it, but there's a million of them, right? So of course they're going to integrate it. There's no alternative. Tik tok just made a major move and they talked about a 5050 split, which would be the first platform that's coming for YouTube's super generous ad Rev share. That has been a major. I think the reason why craters flock there, it pays the best. Right now it's limited to big craters, a hundred thousand and what do you think in terms of your predictions and tik tok gunning for everybody right now. Look, I think they've done a really good job. I think first of all, their algorithm is based on the interest graph instead of the social graph, which is a huge advantage and I believe in merit. So my favorite thing is to look at all your tik toks, where this video got 17 views, this one got four thirty, and this one got 1 9 million. That feels like merit. Everybody's Instagram being around the same numbers doesn't feel like merit. And so I think we're intoxicated by the merit of it. They've been very aggressive. They've already won, and now they're just going to expand. That's what everybody does, right? So they won on this thing. Now they're saying, oh, you can make longer videos. Oh, you can write more like today. I was like, wait a minute, I can write more copy. I've missed the headlines. I've been in like a cocoon for four months with Vicon and Series 2, be friends. So they'll just create everything. And so, yeah, I mean, I think they're incredibly aggressive. They've, they tend to, they're still acting like a small company. They're innovating, innovating. And now they've got everybody following them. They're the clear leader in my opinion of the attention graph, which I think is the most important currency in the world. And I think it's a smart move if you backstage you said something, you said that short form is a gateway to long form. So what would your strategy be for that? If you're making Tik toks, you're getting the short form reach this long form substance in your opinion. And does that mean send people off platform? Does that mean try to get tik tok to get your account to 10 minutes, which is super interesting longer form vertical video? What do you mean by short form is a gateway to long form and what would the tactics be in that? It means that a lot of long form creators don't focus on short form and vice versa. There's a reason I have one hour keynote videos and one hour podcast, but also pound unlimited micro content that's 10 seconds long. You can go very tactical and you know a lot of people want to hear that. They're like, should I make a tik tok that says watch the rest on YouTube. It's less about that. People will find you. They become intrigued. Your URL strategy on all your social networks should be very thoughtful. I'm constantly changing them based on whatever my objectives are, but it just means that the world of content creating should be always thought about as and I noticed that everybody's into or right people are insecure. Most of you did not start on tik tok fast enough because you didn't have followers on it. You didn't start on tik tok fast enough because you had 80.000 thousand followers on Instagram and you had zero on tik tok and you didn't like that feeling. That's why celebrities lost the first time around. So like this things that you made fun of people for on Instagram, you became on tik. Tok and, so you, know i just i, think it's always and everyone's an or like Gary. I'm already on Instagram and they love using like logical excuses. Like Gary, I need to focus. I'm like cool. Knock yourself out. I'll talk to you. In thirty six. Months when you're crying, you're focusing on losing. The lack of humility and the lack of interest in putting in the work on the new thing because you just figured out the last thing is why most people don't grow. There's not an accident that I've been winning on every platform for the last 15 years. It's called humility and hard work. You think I was pumped when I had a million followers on Twitter and Instagram came along, I was pissed. I'm like, I'm winning this bird game, but I'm like, everyone's going to go there, so I need to go. You think I was pumped when tik tok came along, I was dominating the gram. I was like, that's where it's going to be. So the lack of humility and the lack of like, I don't want to learn this new thing. I just got this. That's fine. There's a problem, though. What you want? Has nothing to do with the what the market is doing. The market doesn't give a about your feelings. The market's not like, oh, Tyrone spent a lot of time on Instagram. We should not create tik tok. You think God's thinking like that? Get the out of here, Gary. That's a great lead in. But it's like, right? It's like the hypocrisy is hilarious, especially within social you won on YouTube or you won on Instagram. Doing that to the person that was holding on to Twitter or Facebook, but then you're mad when Tik Tok's doing it to you. The hypocrisy is deafening powerful that's come on there. Gary, that's a great lead in to by the way, I'm laughing. So did you see this? No video hard drive crashed yep got it. I know brutal i know, right? But it's nice. You have to adjust to reality. We're adjusting. We've got to pivot right now. You wanted some sort of video. That's right. But hard drive crashed. We got a pivot. Yeah, life is life. I'm pumped that you got a blue check on Instagram, but here comes tik tok to get up. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? You're going to sit and hope. I'm watching everybody like hope. I hope this tik tok thing doesn't happen. All of you got forced in. Technology will beat your. I love all of you that. Don't think nft's are coming. You will lose. You're pumped at the market's down. See nothing. I'll see you in 2027 Let's go. Hey, I love this lead into tik tok. There's a lot of people in the room that are. That are they're at they're at a place where there a lot of people doing really well. I mean some people starting out and you always say if you got you don't got money but you got time that's you got you got to put the sweat equity in but there's people in the room they have money and I I'd like to hear about team Gary Vee like and a lot of people think it okay to do this because you say I went on tik tok but part of the way you're doing that is because people are multiplying your content your casting vision. Can you speak into maybe we team, Gary Vee is pretty advanced now, can we start a little bit at the beginning as you think about those that would say, what am I? What about my first hires? How do I even do this? I rate at real estate or financial services, but OK, how do I start? You know every where'd I get my D rock? Where do I get the whole thing? Speak to early stages of building that team to help you grow with video. You need to hire people that do things that you don't want to do. Where do you find them? The Internet? People say things that drive me crazy because they don't want to do it as if you can't find it. Are you telling me you're at this conference and you can't find people? You don't know what fiber is. You don't know how to post on LinkedIn. You don't know how to search terms on Twitter like. People come up with excuses. A lot of people, a lot of people don't grow because they want money to buy things. A lot of people's businesses don't grow because they want the business to give them money so they can get a Corvette or a second. This is back to you've got to find the thing you like, because if you're building a brand or your thing to buy the yacht, you're not going to build a very big thing. I'm just building the thing to build the thing. It's more interesting for me to build the thing than it is. It's like this. Some people love, actually. Here's a great comp. This is, this blew my mind. One of the most stunning things that happened to me in my life, my whole life, I've wanted to be a professional athlete, right? So by fifth grade I was like, I don't think I can play for The Jets. These kids have gotten much bigger and stronger. In fact, I had such good hand eye coordination that I was. Killing people in 1st and second and 3rd grade, but somewhere around like fifth grade. I'm like, why is everyone twice my size now? And so I was like, this might not be in the cards and that's when I decided to buy The Jets. But I was like, if I can't play for it, I'll just own the whole thing. So now me and a J get into the sports business and we have a big practice now. And when I realized that a lot of kids play professional sports but they don't love the game. It was just their best way to monetize that. Like blew my mind. And I mean really don't like it. And like we when we recruit kids now, I never want to recruit a kid that doesn't love the game because I don't think they're going to be at the, you know, because we make our money on the second and third contract. There's kids that sign that first contract and it's a wrap. You want to know why people are out of the league in three four years because they didn't give a about the game. So for me, this thing that we're talking about, I don't want the things that come from being the best entrepreneur in the world. I just want to be the best entrepreneur in the world.

Speaker 1 :
We're going to jump right back into today's featured conversation, but I wanted to let you know about a brand new free master class and downloadable guide that's available for you at 21 video If you like content like this that you're learning from Patrick Bet, David and Sean Kendall, you can get 21 more video marketing tips from people like Patrick Bet, David, Vanessa, Lau, Pat Flynn, Alex or Mosey, and so many industry experts that are using powerful strategies for their video marketing. Today you're going to learn the best kept business secrets inside of this master class and free downloadable guide. So head over to 21 video to get instant access for free and learn how you can level up your business and brand from today's top industry experts. Now let's get back into today's featured content.

Gary Vee :
So it goes to like you love it because if you don't, you can't get there. And so a lot of people don't have a D rock. Or a team because they don't want to spend the 53,000 thousand on it because they want to burka bag and they want to go to Tahiti and they want to Lambo. You're taking the money out of your business for your insecurities instead of feeding the business to win the game. People want to look successful more than actually be successful. Back to why I make so much content about self esteem. The reason I focus on love and being kind to yourself and the that I've been talking about is that's the seed of the whole game. If you need lambos and chains and accolades and check Marks and a million followers to clog the holes that you have in your soul, then you're going to not be able to build meaningful things because you're taken out of your business instead of feeding it. Gary for stage two. And this is kind of a personal question. Because I'm a case study for it, you know your influence has. So I went from making tech review videos, from reviewing tech, doing tech tutorials and affiliate marketing, built a six figure income. One of the biggest pieces of advice as I'm watching your content and I'm absorbing, is we put it back in, we put it back in. My wife and I just looked at the numbers in 2019 Our income went down. Our net was like nothing. Because we just went and we went all in Team 20 and then in 2020 things 4X after making a massive investment back in our business, we're now 23 people and we're trying to really follow your model, 63 pieces of content a day, that free deck that you have or whatever. All of the numbers I threw out are completely arbitrary. The number, I mean it, I mean it. The you're talking about the 86 pieces of content, you know, 86 Yeah, 73 four Tik toks a day. All of it. All of it's arbitrary. The number is as much as humanly possible. They're more at bats for attention and opportunity. You know what's better than 100 push ups? 200 You like that one, but I love you know who I love the most? Fitness people. Fitness entrepreneurs are my favorite. Let me tell you why. They're so good at their craft. Like, right, like. But then with the business, they don't do the thing they do in fitness. They like fitness entrepreneurs on people because people want shortcuts in fitness. They want implants. They want apple cider vinegar pills. They want all sorts of. Well, the answer is put the work at the gym and eat properly, like follow the model. But then as entrepreneurs, you see these all beefed up, did everything perfect. I'm talking about the ones that don't cheat. I'm talking about doing it right. And then they come to business and they're like, what's the shortcut? And I'm like, you know that there's no shortcut in this. The fuck are you looking for shortcut in this, right? It they fascinate me because they have such a big chapter of their life. They know everyone's like I'm. I spent 38 years looking for the shortcut, like they're like it's go in the gym and eat properly, Amen. So back to content. I'm like, I don't know. Like some of you make really good Tik toks, but you don't do this. Like you have to be contextual to the platform, you have to know who the audience is and slang matters, right? You have to understand. You have to put in the wraps the content output. Like you know everybody tries to use social as distribution and make one piece of content and post it everywhere. That completely doesn't work. You've got to contextualize and post creative for the platform. I've given three talks today. Flu, and that's why I was able to make it work with Beacon. I'm super pumped about surrounding this and I surrounded it. All three are different. I have to read the room. The, you know, the philosophical. It's the same, but it's got to be different, right? It's like cuisine, it's all food, but it's different. And you have to know your audience. I don't understand how people come with YouTube DNA into tik tok and think it's going to work. The mindset's different. The same person, the same human. I'm not talking about age and gender and race and religion. The same human being is a different consumer on tik tok than they are on Instagram. Your mindset's different once. Passive entertainment on LinkedIn. It might be in for me like it's all context. So level 2 Gary Vee team Gary Vee, yes. And so. Maybe breakdown. I'm looking to taking advantage of a little bit of advice, how you built the team, how fast you're trying to scale the team. Do you have people running, operating things, editors. I mean, at this point, everything. You know, I maybe some people that are really paying attention. My content's a little bit down because be friends and vayner X is exploding and I'm like, there's a lot for me to do there. But yeah, I mean, you know, I film everything. I film absolutely everything and then we go into post production. And we strip the audio for the podcast. And we and we have writers who take the words, like everything is me. Even, you know, everything has to be me. By the way. That's a real big point. Anybody here who has a social media person post on their behalf and write the copy? To this day, every single word on Instagram, Twitter, tik tok, every single word in the copy is written actually by me. I know people who like immediately hire someone to post on their behalf and write the copy as if it's them that's that apple sine gummies. So obviously I don't make the videos, but like half the videos in my WhatsApp with my team right now never get posted cuz I don't like it. Half I don't like it. I think they missed the context. I think it's out of context. I don't want to talk about that right now because the world is this that and then I post it me so you know I think that people don't want to do the work but you can have tons of people around you. We figured out document don't create that was the big unlock just build everything post produce this is a good reason to start shows if you look go you know this might really help a lot of you. Go to YouTube tonight. When you get back home, put in my name and sort by lowest views. You will be blown away how many little things I do and have done. No audience because I wanted just the content from doing the podcast for my post production. So like at this point in my career it's awesome because I get to win twice back in the day. I would do it because I wanted the content. Now it's like a double win because I know me being on a guest on an up and coming show really helps them. So I'm giving love and roses and I'm getting my content. But a lot of you say no to because your humility is not in check. I still say yes to that. A lot of you pass on because I out humble you, Gary. I have one more. Walking around here like, oh, I'm only gonna do Joe Rogan. You suck right now. What are you talking about? You should do everything. One is greater than 01 is greater than zero. I watch people walking around thinking there's somebody, yo, I got there was somebody at vcon trying to get into somebody. They're like, yo, I got 18.000 thousand followers on. Instagram like what? The people get high on their own supply real quick. Real quick, people walking around here thinking there's somebody because they got two hundred thirty thousand followers on tik tok. So humble the fuck up, we'll get better. And was something like, you know, I just hope everybody knows. No, I just really it's important. I just really, I want everybody know that's not me razzing, that's me loving you. I see a lot of people saying no as if there's somebody you want to really win, decide you're nobody. Everything gets real interesting real fast after that, Gary. One of the big things that holds people back is self consciousness, but specifically people that worry about how am I going to look on camera, how am I going to sound on camera? What would you say to somebody who's just trembling with fear to get on camera because of those insecurities? I say a lot of things since the core foundation of my content. The last seven years of my life have been dedicated on trying to build people's self esteem. I sound crazy. Not all that. I mean, I've gotten a little bit better looking. But like, you know, like, I'm not winning on that. Like, so, like, I don't like high school ended. Everybody has zits, too. Like, you know, like people are like, I'd laugh when I was like, yo, you really suck at this. I'm like, you suck too, as if not everybody sucks at everybody in here sucks that's so much. That's crazy, right? And but you want the I'll give you a real answer to what I actually think works. This is a wild answer to this in my opinion, but I've really started to zero in. I'm going to help you jump over to hurdle the fear of how I look, how I sound. Deploy compassion to those who on you. I think the reason I'm winning is when somebody says you're an idiot, you're a scam, you're full of you suck, you're ugly, you, my brain immediately goes to like, man, for somebody to take time out of their day, to come to my profile, to try to tear me down because they're hurting so much inside. I only have love for them. I'm aware that we're in a societal place right now where the way we respond to people's hate is with hate back to them. But I just don't have that gear. When I get shit on, I deploy love through the form of compassion. If you're able to do that, you won't hear them. But that's why I've been pounding on humility. The reason I work is because I've got this going on for when I get a thousand comments eight hundred sixty of them are a goat emoji. The other hundred forty yard you're a scam artist. When you can't hear either, you can move. When you only hear the goat stuff, you become vulnerable to the scam stuff. Too many people want that affirmation and that's why people become unhappy. If your values are based on people giving you accolades, then you become susceptible to the tear down. I'm just attached to both. I can't hear you. I'm on the field. The am I going to worry about you cheering or booing? I'm on the field. You're eating popcorn. You're making videos. You're putting in work. You're trying to win for yourself. You're worried about Sally pants, 97 in Arkansas. Who's pissed?

Gary Vee :
Well, if there's one thing Gary Vee can do, it's give you the kick in the pants to create more content. I hope you enjoyed that content there. And I for me personally listening to that, it just really affirms the idea that we just need to be creating more. I love how he said it's not or it's not long form or short form. It's not YouTube or tik tok, it's and because we live in a world where attention matters and one of the key things that I took away was that it needs to just 10X Content needs to 10X and it needs to be relative to the platform that you're putting it on. And I know as a busy entrepreneur, this is probably something that you're thinking, how do I get this done? What do I do? And you know, here I think media, we want to help you with that. We want to help you hire the right team. We want to help you learn how to use all the equipment that you're doing, want to help you figure out great systems and processes so that you could be making content. And I just love so much how Gary just has a fire for making content matter. And I hope that was encouraging to you. And we'll have additional episodes just like this with some more of our key speakers from girl with video Live. So make sure you're tuned in here on the podcast, subscribe wherever you subscribe, and hit the like button if you like content like this here on our show now every single week. My favorite part is getting to read the reviews of how this podcast is impacting you personally. And you can leave a review over on Apple Podcasts. And when you do that, you might get featured on one of our shows. Today's feature comes from the Marshall Walker. Marshall Walker says. I've hit a gold mine. Heather and Sean are the most motivational speakers I've ever heard. You can tell they really want their listeners to win and succeed. They practice what they preach and are amazing at what they do. They've helped me so much with my channel and I don't know what I would do without them cheering me on. Marshall, that literally is going to give me life for this next week. Thank you so much for leaving that review and sharing your heart. I have how this podcast has helped you personally. I really do hope that the content we're giving you here is valuable and is worth your time, because I know that your time is limited and I want to make sure that you are getting all the value that you can. Now, if you did not already, go to twenty one video tips dot com. That's where you can go if you want to hear more tips like this for free from people like Gary Vayner. Water, Chuck, Patrick, Bet, David, Vanessa, Lau, Pat Flynn and so many other industry experts when it comes to sharing their secrets of growing your brand online, you can go to twenty one video tips dot com. You can get that free master class as well as the free downloadable content that goes along with it. I highly recommend that you go there now, get that and dive into those 21 additional tips of how to grow this year. Thank you so much for being a part of what we're doing here at think Media. Leave a comment. Down below in YouTube. And if you're watching right now, I just like, put thumbs up because that's what you should do. Thumbs up the YouTube video and thank you so much for listening and we'll catch you in the next episode bye.


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